Bacon Bits: Woke World Update

Sounding more like the Taliban every day!

The rhetoric regarding Civil War statues may be undergoing a significant shift: from tear ’em down to melt ’em down. It’s not enough to remove the statues from the public square. Now they must be destroyed. The latest straw in the wind: The Jefferson School African American Heritage Center has submitted a proposal to Charlottesville City Council to melt down the Lee Statue that was removed earlier this year and use the bronze to create a new work of public art. The Swords into Plowshares project has received almost 30 letters of support from organizations and individuals, reports the Daily Progress. The saving grace of the tear-down-the-statues movement has been that the statues have been preserved with an idea that they might be placed in a museum or cemetery. Swords into Plowshares reopens the debate. The statues must be extirpated. One thing never changes. The Left is never satisfied. The Left always pushes for more.

It didn’t take long for that to get racialized! The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors voted 9 to 1 this week to allow unions to engage in collective bargaining with the county. Chairman Jeff McKay said collective bargaining will lead to better employee retention and service to the community. Yeah, right. When have public-service unions ever led to improved service to the public? Wokeness is not an ideology attuned to pleasing middle-class taxpayers. Indeed, trouble may be brewing before the ink dries on the resolution. SEIUrepresents about 2,000 Fairfax County employees. But some say it is too White. What? Fairfax Now quotes David Lyson, executive director of the Fairfax Workers Coalition, as saying, “The bargaining units are tilted toward wealthier white employees.” Uh, oh.

Social justice for perps, not victims. Admittedly, this item is a month old, but it deserves more attention than it’s gotten. Oscar Zaldivar, a Salvadoran immigrant, was indicated in 2019 on three counts of aggravated sexual battery and two counts of sodomy in connection with a young relative when she was between the ages of 5 and 10. For a years-long stretch the abuse occurred weekly. Raymond F. Morrogh, the Fairfax County commonwealth attorney at the time, offered a plea deal that capped his prison term at 30 years. Zaldivar rejected the deal. Then Steve Descano, running on a social-justice platform, replaced Morrogh. Arguing that Zaldivar was a first-time offender and that, at 53 years of age, he was not likely to reoffend, Descano negotiated the plea down to 17 years. So reported the Washington Post.

Judge Thomas P. Mann accepted the deal, but he was appalled. As the girl sat sobbing in his courtroom, he told her she had been victimized twice first by Zaldivar and then by prosecutors. “Make no mistake,” he said, “Your government has failed you.”

I have no way to prove this, but this is what I believe: Descano cut Zaldivar slack because he is a Hispanic immigrant — a Person of Color. Well, guess what, the girl he victimized was a Person of Color, too. How is it “social justice” to always take the side of the victimizers?

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6 responses to “Bacon Bits: Woke World Update”

  1. FluxAmbassador Avatar

    The left is only the Taliban if statues of traitors to our country are religious artifacts. Have you accepted Robert E. Lee into your heart, Jim?

    Also, Zaldivar is going to be 70 if he survives his time in prison, which he likely won’t. What does it matter if he dies behind bars before 70 or before 83?

    1. Donald Smith Avatar
      Donald Smith

      Flux, if Robert E. Lee were here today, and he thought that you and your ilk melting down his statue might allow y’all to actually feel like real men, or women (or whatever alternative entity you’ve conjured up today), then he’d probably say go ahead. He’d want you to have your needs fulfilled. He was that kind of man, that kind of hero. He strikes me as the kind of man who’d have pity and sympathy for the obviously defective members of society.

  2. Eric the half a troll Avatar
    Eric the half a troll

    “I have no way to prove this, but…”

    Pretty much BR in a nutshell…

  3. Eric the half a troll Avatar
    Eric the half a troll

    Taliban?! Sounds more like Ukrainians to me!!

    “The demolition of Lenin monuments in Ukraine happened in four stages. During the 1990s, more than 2,000 Lenin monuments were demolished in Galicia and Volyn, at the turn of the 1990–2000s more than 600 Lenin monuments were removed in western and central areas, in 2005–2008, more than 600 were demolished mainly in central areas, and in 2013–2014, 552 monuments were demolished.”

  4. Donald Smith Avatar
    Donald Smith

    I’m looking at the reactions of FluxAmbassador and Eric the half a troll, to the post about the Central Virginia Taliban…sorry, Charlottesville activists wanting to melt down the statue of Robert E. Lee. And I’m reminded of the old saying: If you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the dogs who yelp the loudest are the ones your rock hit.

    Good aim, Jim.

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