Bacon Bits: Scandal, Scandal, Scandal… and Dental Care

The Old Dominion is looking a lot like the Ante-Bellum Dominion. So, how are Virginia’s political scandals playing out nationally? Not very well. Headline from the New York Post: “Virginia is for Losers.” Lead story in the Wall Street Journal: “Virginia Faces Leadership Crisis as Attorney General Apologizes for Using  Blackface.”

The PC police strike again. But there’s no let-up in the racial identity wars. A fraternity and a sorority at the University of Virginia have been criticized for holding parties in which people dressed up wearing Native American attire in one instance and sombreros and maracas in another, according to the University of Virginia’s Cavalier Daily. The Inter-Fraternity Council issued a statement condemning the attire as “prejudiced and culturally insensitive.” “The IFC condemns these actions and any others that appropriate cultures.”

Meanwhile, in the real world… The first test train on Metro’s Silver Line extension to Dulles Airport made it only 1,000 feet out of the Wiehle-Reston East station before running into trouble, according to WTOP television. The two-car train ran into a problem with the tracks. The incident follows revelations of problems with concrete found in the walls of new Metro stations and in rail ties. Nearly 300 cracks have formed in buildings at the new Metro facility that will house and maintain railcars for an extension.

And don’t don’t forget to floss! Check out the Virginia Policy Review, a digital public-policy journal published by University of Virginia students. This issue highlights research on issues of relevance to Virginians, including one topic addressed here in the Rebellion: increasing rural access to dental care. Among the recommendations: “Expand the dental hygienist scope of practice to work independently on routine cleanings and preventative care … with the requirement that patient contact with a dentist be scheduled after clean up.”

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  1. Re: Ante-Bellum Dominion
    A joke from my West Virginia side of the family, from the Onion:
    West Virginia is feeling pretty smug right about now

    Re: Don’t Forget to Floss your Teeth – Really true!
    Well the latest medical news I saw, they are starting to think gum disease could be the root cause of Alzheimers. So I told my hygenist yesterday she was the most important medical professional in my life.

    • The mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria. When gums bleed, the bacteria enters the bloodstream. My dentist has been pointing out the connection between gum disease and heart disease for many years now — that’s why I started flossing. Bleeding gums are a disease of modern society. But need to do more than floss in order to maintain healthy gums — we need to purge refined sugars from our diets.

  2. I need a couple of SJW rulings so I can conduct my life in a manner acceptable to liberals.

    1. My favorite bar in Cabo San Lucas specializes in serving shots of tequila. A roving Mexican waiter in a sombrero brings a bottle of tequila to your table. If you want a shot, you say so. The waiter pours you the shot and then removes the sombrero from his head and puts it on your head. My question – Is wearing a sombrero in Mexico at the insistence of a Mexican while drinking Mexican tequila cultural appropriation? Does it matter that the Mexican customers in the bar cheer as loudly as the American customers when the shot is drunk?

    2. As far as I can tell I am about 40% of Irish ancestry. On St Paddy’s Day I often wear green and sometimes a leprechaun’s hat to parties. Is my 40% Irish ancestry sufficient to allow me to attain temporary leprechaun status?

    There really needs to be a web site for these questions.

  3. Re: “A fraternity and a sorority at the University of Virginia have been criticized for holding parties in which people dressed up wearing Native American attire in one instance and sombreros and maracas in another . . . .” What’s left? Plaid pants and topsiders? Oh, but that’s another identity group: preppie white kids. Got to ban that, too.

  4. I agree I need a cultural appropriation website or app (damn maybe I should have kept that idea to myself).
    Here’s one that confuses me: I grew up a skater surfer kid in the late 80s. We wore Vans and Thrasher Magazine (skateboard magazine for you squares) t-shirts. I go to malls and now see black kids wearing Vans and Thrasher Magazine t-shirts for style. Are they appropriating white 80s skate culture? Am I now eligible for entry into the perpetually aggrieved class since my culture has been appropriated?

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