Bacon Bits: More Woke Wars

The culture wars are never ending. My previous Bacon Bits post only scratched the surface. Here’s more….Crackdown on parents was orchestrated.

Remember how the National School Boards Association wrote that letter accusing parents of terrorizing school board members across the country, leading to Attorney General Merrick Garland ordering the FBI to collaborate with local law enforcement to deal with the threat? Well, that NSBA letter didn’t come out of the blue. Emails obtained by Parents Defending Education through the Freedom of Information Act indicate that NSBA President Viola Garcia and CEO Chip Slaven conspired with the White House before sending out the letter, reports The Federalist. In one email Slaven explained that there were “talks over the last several weeks with White House staff” who “requested additional information on some of the specific threats, so the letter also details many of the incidents that have been occurring.” Of course, as we all know now, one of those threatening “incidents” involved Loudoun County plumber Scott Smith, whose daughter had been raped in a Loudoun school. After the school board refused to let him speak about the incident, he got highly emotional, was escorted off the premises, refused to leave, and was arrested. To cap it off, Loudoun’s woke prosecutor charged him with a misdemeanor.

Free speech for some, not for others. Suppressing conservative free speech is increasingly routine. Most recently, Republican students at Washington & Lee University were banned from displaying campaign material at their booth in an annual activities fair. The material supported Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin, reports The Daily Mail. The director of student activities told them that their display violated university policy regarding the endorsement of p0litical candidates. According to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), however, that policy applies to universities as institutions, not to students. W&L’s stance is beyond ludicrous. The Dudley administration openly supports “social justice” movements on campus, but it’s telling students they can’t pass out pamphlets, pins, and bumper stickers promoting a governor? No wonder W&L alumni are in revolt.

The Woke-Industrial complex. The indispensable Parents Defending Education (PED) has identified 122 “diversity” consultants and contractors across the county in its new “Consultant Report Card,” along with $19.6 million in contracts in 29 states and 95 school districts. The PDE acknowledges that the data it has collected so far is just “a drop in the bucket.” What’s clear, however, is that wokeness is a lucrative, growing and powerful business. States the PED: “We’ve learned that parents and students face a well-oiled and well-financed juggernaut that could be called the ‘woke-ed machine.”

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29 responses to “Bacon Bits: More Woke Wars”

  1. Dick Hall-Sizemore Avatar
    Dick Hall-Sizemore

    The W&L official was obviously wrong. Student organizations have the right to work for specific candidates, as long as they do not seem to representing the school. The university should acknowledge the error and issue a public apology.

  2. LarrytheG Avatar

    BR should disclose who Parents Defending Education really are and their affiliations and how they are funded. They are not really a grassroots organization from what I can discern.

    1. Are you advocating that every blog or website has an obligation to: (1) affirmatively investigate every organization cited or reported on, (2) learn all their affiliations and all their sources of funding, (3) reach a conclusion on whether an organization is or is not “grassroots”; and (3) report that information? If not, then what’s the point of your comment?

      1. LarrytheG Avatar

        Nope. But some have a habit of implying a grassroots group when in fact they are not and that ought to be disclosed IMHO.

        Yes.. in general, I think legitimate media needs to disclose groups affiliations and funding especially if such info is fairly easily available on simple google searches.

        The point of my comment is that this group is very likely not a genuine local grass-roots group but a national organization with ties to right-wing think tanks like CATO/Heritage and funding from Donor’s Trust.

        Folks can verify this by doing some simple google searches including the leader of this group.

        What a blog decides to do, in the end, plays a role in establishing the reputation of the Blog in providing fair and objective commentary – or not.

        1. Even if you believe (1) Parents Defending Education (PDE) is not a grassroots organization and (2) that PDE receives funding from groups that you do not like or trust, that is irrelevant to the substance of the emails that PDE obtained through an FOIA request.

          1. LarrytheG Avatar

            It’s ironic that PDE uses FOIA but does not disclose it’s own funding… eh?

            It’s not whether I “like” them or not but who they are affiliated with and how they are funded… left and right…

          2. tmtfairfax Avatar

            Are you aware that SCOTUS just struck down as unconstitutional a California law that required nonprofits to disclose the identity of their donors? Americans for Prosperity Foundation v. Bonta. The organization was supported by other nonprofits, including ther NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, the ACLU, and the Human Rights Campaign.

        2. If you disagree with 95% of everything posted here–why waste your time and ours? When have you dropped your snark, endless criticism and off the point commentary to actually research and write an article with a well-researched and documented point of view? In the comment above, if you believe it’s not a grass-roots organization and it just takes a bit of Google to find out how they’re funded, why didn’t you do that instead of implying this blog isn’t legitimate and wanting someone to do it for you?
          I know I’m back to trying to teach pigs to sing. but it’s more frustrating reading your complaints and attacks day after day.

          1. LarrytheG Avatar

            95% ? Nope. Snark? compared to yours? ha ha! BR started out as a public policy blog – leaned right but open to other view and has morphed into more of an echo chamber IMHO. I comment because Jim allows it and still values opposing opinions – AND I’m NOT ALONE here.. there are others… also.

            Can you not stand other views?

            in terms of teaching pigs? au contraire

            settle down Ms. Bova. You Conservative types can’t seem to keep an even keel somedays.

            It’s okay for grassroots groups to form and pursue their mission. I just like to know when they are more than that and not really true grassroots and I think Jim should disclose that – and in years past – did.

            Check the leader of this group and her past affiliations and positions… and tell me she is a true grassroots person.

            And if you REALLY want to complain about SNARK? geeze, Carol.. pot kettle?

        3. DJRippert Avatar

          The whole term “grassroots” is BS. None of the groups I see are really built from the ground up. They’re all backed by somebody.

          1. LarrytheG Avatar

            Perhaps but do the google on the folks who are listed as leadership for this group.

        4. James Kiser Avatar
          James Kiser

          So what they have a right to ferret out wrong doing and collusion by politicians ans left wing groups like the NASB.

          1. LarrytheG Avatar

            They do if they are truly non-partisan. Otherwise, we know their game – and yes that goes for both sides.

            This group is not a “parents” group looking to ferret out wrongdoing…. google the leadership and their prior affiliations.

            ” Nicole Neily has spent her entire career working in and for libertarian and conservative political advocacy organizations and think tanks, including stints at FreedomWorks, the Cato Institute, the Independent Women’s Forum, the Franklin Center for Government and Public Policy.”

            ” Funding
            As of 2012, much of the funding for the Franklin Center came from Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund, two affiliated donor-advised funds[17] whose funds cannot be traced to individual donors.[50] In 2011, the two funds granted the Franklin Center US$6.3 million.[51] The grants were 95% of the Franklin Center’s revenue that year and was the second-largest grant made by Donors Trust that year.[52] In 2012, the two funds granted the Franklin Center nearly US$9.5 million, more than 80% of the Franklin Center’s revenue that year.[17] For tax years 2011 through 2013, the Franklin Center received US$22 million from the two funds.[50]”

            So who is funding Parents Defending Education and their leadership?

  3. FluxAmbassador Avatar

    My God…122…across the WHOLE country?! That’s almost 3 per state! Clearly this well oiled juggernaut with ones of foot soldiers in every corner of our great nation with less money at its disposal than a Division III athletics department is going to get Woke all over your face!!!

    1. You missed the part about this data being the “tip of the iceberg,” didn’t you? The data-gathering effort is just beginning.

      1. FluxAmbassador Avatar

        You’re right! With deeper diving that number might rise to almost four per state!! And the budget of a SLAC English department!!!

  4. FluxAmbassador Avatar

    Also, how perfidious of the branch of government charged with executing the laws ask for details about potential crimes. A real conspiracy!!!

    1. LarrytheG Avatar

      Probably a mistake to involve the FBI – it’s walks right into the right-wing strategy of which the Dems are dumb as stumps…

      but OTOH, the folks on the right are portraying the parents as innocents trying to fight for what is right when some of them are engaging in criminal behavior by directly threatening individuals – not unlike when the left protests in the streets and others with criminal inclinations use those protests as a cover for their actions.

      It’s not going to really fool most folks and it taints the parents legitimate issues IMHO.

      You can protest all you want – and should. You can work to vote out those you disagree with. But when you start making direct threats to individuals – you’ve crossed the line – IMHO.

      1. tmtfairfax Avatar

        Larry, back up the truck. Criminal threats. We went through that earlier. SCOTUS has said that, to be criminal, there must be evidence showing beyond a reasonable doubt that the speaker intended the statement to be a threat to the listener. How a reasonable person would view the “threat” is not the test. Both the national school board association and Garland are purposely trying to chill protected speech.

    2. So you want the Admin to enforce the border laws now? Racist!
      How about prosecute the Summer of Love protesters as vigorously as the “insurrectionists?” You know, the people who committed months of crimes versus all the people charged with “trespassing” and “obstruction” but no insurrection?
      Yeah, being mad at a school board teaching crap and promoting policies where your daughter gets raped is dangerous. Call out the FBI to protect our good and benevolent public servants!

      1. LarrytheG Avatar

        Well, the REALLY ODD thing was that the street protestors were NOT saying things like Hang Pence much less anywhere close to him to do so but the “insurrectionists” both said so and were close to doing it.

        Equating the two seems a little wackadoodle to me but then that’s what more than a few on the right seem to have gotten in their “thinking”.

        We’ve had street protests for decades – way back to the Vietnam War and before, but as far as I can remember, they never came and invaded the U.S. Capitol shouting idiocy like “Get Pelosi or Get Pence” or whoever the Speaker and VP was at that time.

        The FBI actually DID go after Martin Luther King AND other Civil Right folks claiming he was a communist at the behest of such people like McCarty and none of them had ever threatened public officials like we see now with the School Board cretins.

        1. Larry with the non sequitur to save his beloved Marxists!
          Larry – something like 600,000 people showed up in DC on January 6th. It was non-violent by something like 599,900. And some of those were FBI. Were any Antifa? The best the government can do is charge 600 people with trespassing and obstruction of Congress. No one had a weapon. Film shows the guards opening the doors and letting people in. How come Michael Bird hasn’t been prosecuted like Derek Chauvin?
          Get Pelosi and Get Pence (who says? Show me the video.) is dangerous? All the eliminationist rhetoric of the Left is not then?
          Yes, the FBI spied on MLK. You good with that? How about the FBI spying on Trump? Framing Gen Flynn? How about the corrupt DOJ “settling” with Andrew McCabe and giving him back pay and restoring his pension? How come he hasn’t been prosecuted for his lies? For the $40 million and Mueller waste on proven lies, a true conspiracy theory, but questioning the 5 or 6 States where we saw with our own eyes things beyond normal probability and we’re crazy to want to look? How come all public companies have audited financials?
          How come the 600 “insurrectionists”, even though the empty shell that is Merrick Garland has admitted no one has been charged with insurrection, have many being held without bail and being mistreated in prison, while the Summer of Love rioters get released to go commit crime again? You know Kamala contributed to a bail fund for those noble “victims?”
          When you actually have a consistent standard one day, people might think you aren’t being a waste of time.

          1. LarrytheG Avatar

            What’s going on with Conservatives these days is denial of facts and realities and the promotion of disinformation, misinformation and outright conspiracy theories.

            Those Conservatives and GOP that refuse to go along with these false things are labeled as CINOS and RINOs and disowned.

            The thing on Jan 6 was not a violent mob. Vaccines are not safe. Global warming is a myth. The FBI is a tool of leftists. Schools are teaching CRT. Elections were rigged and Biden did not win.

            It’s like a cancer that has infected Conservatism and the GOP and even folks on the right who are not “believers” are being expelled.

          2. ok, Larry. What is reality? The most profound line in The Passion of the Christ – “Quid est veritas?” – “What is truth?”
            Did the FBI spy on Donald Trump? True or False?
            Was RUSSIA! a lie? True or False?
            No school is teaching CRT? ANYWHERE? True or False?
            How many FBI informants were involved in the “insurrection?”
            What is the difference between the “mostly peaceful protesters” and the “insurrectionists?” Should the laws be applied equally like the Constitution says?
            Should the DOJ have settled with Andrew McCabe with back pay and restoration of pension for his lying? Do you approve of that?
            How come Michael Bird hasn’t been charged with murder in the death of Ashli Babbitt?
            How come the DOJ hasn’t released 14,000 hours of footage from the “insurrection?”
            Should Alec Baldwin be charged with a crime for killing the woman on set? (Yes, he should, not because he is a liberal, but because he pulled the trigger. Anybody not a Leftist idiot knows whenever you have a weapon, you first make sure the safety is on and you know whether it is loaded or not. You also never point it at anything except to shoot.)
            Come on Larry – try being truthful. Try having consistent standards…
            Oh, and if Joe Brandon got 81 million votes, why don’t we have audits and prove it? Shut up the wacadoodles! Restore faith in elections that Dems say were stolen every time they lose! If Youngkin wins, whose votes will the white supremacists have suppressed? How come Fairfax always turns in its votes last? Aren’t they wealthy? Computerized? Why would Fairfax hold back its votes? I mean, other than to reserve the right to know how much to cheat…

          3. LarrytheG Avatar

            The “truth” a far piece from your nose especially when you set up strawmen and play whataboutism.

            The FBI did not “spy” on Trump .

            Yes, Russia was involved in our elections and yes they were in contact with people in the Trump administration – some went to jail over it.

            No , CRT is NOT TAUGHT in virtually any school…. it’s a right-wing canard designed to convince rubes – and yep it works.

            I thought a court of law restored McCabes pension, no?

            Yes, there is a difference between saying “hang Pence” and “de-fund” Pence…. 😉

            no… both sides did not have “very good people” and other idiocy spouted by you-know-who.

            You got all these things going on and as far as I can tell a lot of confusion and misbeliefs.

            If Youngkin gets elected when he then have Trump for a rally and turn Virginia into Texas?

            ow ow ow…. Virginia is for Cretins!

          4. The FBI did not “spy” on Trump .
            That is just a lie. FISA abuse. 37 times in one direction. Changing FBI 302… Carter Page Kevin Clinesmith.

            Yes, Russia was involved in our elections and yes they were in contact with people in the Trump administration – some went to jail over it.
            Again, a bald face lie. How come Mueller spent $40 million and found nothing? What evidence? Say it, Larry
            If you really believe this, you are an idiot. You can’t be that stupid or are you paid to lie?
            Seriously, Larry. You are worthless. CRT is not taught in any school? I suppose if I show you the syllabi and the HR trainings in huge companies, you’ll continue to deny it.

            A judge did not award McCabe. The corrupt DOJ settled with him for services rendered in lying about Trump and handicapping his presidency with lies.

            You have now proved you are worthy of no comments. You are not serious. A (bad) joke.

          5. LarrytheG Avatar

            LA LA LAND on steroids guy. Ya’ll are in denial of the realities.

            There are people in jail over the Russia thing, no?

            DOJ settled in a court action, no?

            CRT is NOT taught in schools… there is training going on but it’s not in the curriculum and there are no legitimate demonstrable examples… of it being in a school curriculum – zero.

            It’s hard to keep track of all the lies and disinformation flowing from the right these days. It’s like an infection.

  5. Eric the half a troll Avatar
    Eric the half a troll

    ‘In one email Slaven explained that there were “talks over the last several weeks with White House staff” who “requested additional information on some of the specific threats, so the letter also details many of the incidents that have been occurring.”’

  6. Eric the half a troll Avatar
    Eric the half a troll

    The Conservative vision for the 1st Amendment at Virginia universities…

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