Away From Debate-Gate

If Jerry Kilgore is feeling any pressure from “Debate-Gate,” it didn’t seem to show at his appearance yesterday at Boys State. From this account, he sounded relaxed and engaging at this annual gathering of young leaders.

Hard to believe, but I attended Boys State 35 years ago.

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  1. Laszlo Avatar

    Why was he even invited to Boys State. He holds no elective office. He is just a private citizen running for public office trying to get votes. Kaine I can see there, even Potts as a Senator. Sad to see this for Boys State. I was there years ago myself.

  2. Ha. I was there as well…7 years ago…I ran for Lt. Gov. and lost by 17 votes. Still gets me.

  3. Just got word that repbublicans with a history as donors are receiving fundraising calls “on behalf of candidate Kilgore” that are also attempting to raise funds to “remove” the Obenshain influence from the republican party. Has anyone else been hearing anything?
    This from central VA.

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Whoever is making those calls is playing with danger. The Obenshain siblings won’t take this well.

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    I know who the Ob. sibs are but don’t know the definition of “Ob. influence.” Please explain. Many thanks!

  6. I’m not sure either that’s why I asked. When I get home from work tonight I’ll call and see how much detail they remember. They did say the call was from some fundraising organization. All I know about the Obenshain deal is that one is incharge of the state party and the other is a state senator.

  7. I have found seventeen people so far who have confirmed this or a similar call. They are spread over central VA (just west of Richmond) and west past Stanardsville. Am checking in the NOVA and coastal areas now. Does anyone know someone in Mark Obenshain’s area (26th senate-northern shenandoah valley) or southwest VA you could call or check with?

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