Apology to B.R. Newsletter Subscribers

While doing some file clean-up in WordPress, I accidentally published an unfinished version of an article I am in the process of writing, which probably triggered an email to many Bacon’s Rebellion subscribers. The article was incomplete. I have not fully thought it through, and I have not fact-checked it. You will do yourself no favor by reading it. Hopefully, I will be able to publish a polished version within a few days. My apologies.

Update: Ouch. I did it again with a second  article, this one under Reed Fawell’s byline, that we are radically revising. Please ignore. Thanks.


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2 responses to “Apology to B.R. Newsletter Subscribers

  1. everybody is too busy dealing with snow

    • Yes, Les, here too. Status: Bird feeders refilled. Trash cans retrieved from the curb and put away. Driveway salted. The first flakes are falling. Time to cease “preparing for Snowmageddon” as WTOP relentlessly hypes it. What will be, will be. Time to come inside and sit, with a cup of hot tea, and just watch a beautiful winter scene unfold.

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