Apologies for Sloppy Reporting

Earlier today I published a post dissecting an article by Alan Suderman with the Associated Press on the topic of Dominion Energy’s lobbying expenditures. I took him to task for the biased way in which he framed the issue. But in my rush to publish my post I made numerous mistakes of fact. Sloppiness is just as inexcusable as bias, so I have taken down the post until I can rewrite it with accurate information. I apologize to my readers.

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5 responses to “Apologies for Sloppy Reporting”

  1. CrazyJD Avatar

    Everybody’s entitled to screw up once in a while. It’s what you do after you discover you screwed up. You did the right thing 😉

  2. djrippert Avatar

    Facts !?! Don’t muddy the water with facts. Haven’t I taught you anything?

  3. LarrytheG Avatar

    Maybe not “sloppy” but perhaps looking for “bias” more often …seems to be more and more an issue these days…….

  4. LarrytheG Avatar

    Well.. perhaps such mistakes do not mean the entire blog is now a failure – no more than any other blog or media is when such things do happen.

    Now days – most folks who read or listen to media are aware of the numerous claims of bias and a whole new cottage industry “fact checking” has been born.

    I give Jim credit for fairly quickly doing the mea culpa but I do wonder how he found out that he had erred Was it his own effort or did someone else call him to task – perhaps the writer of the article?

    I know bias gets thrown around a lot these days and not without some justification but the AP to date has always struck me a pretty straight – even though the AP is not really a single entity but a wide amalgam of local reporters for papers that participate as AP member.

    Perhaps the biggest challenge for most of us these days is not knowing and seeing bias but for us ourselves – consulting various numerous sources – determining for ourselves what the truth and facts are – and are not, especially if we are going to take actions ourselves based on what we think we know.

    1. Steve Haner brought a particular issue to my attention. As I investigated, I found additional problems. I immediately took the post off-line until I could address the problems and issued an apology to alert anyone who might have read the original post.

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