Apathy and the Miller-Webb Race

Is anyone outside the blogosphere paying attention to the contest between Harris Miller and James Webb for the right to run against U.S. Sen. George Allen? I read next to nothing about the race in my home-town paper, the Richmond Times-Dispatch. The race never comes up in conversation — and that’s saying something because most of my friends are politically opinionated, and many of them are Democrats.

An article in the Washington Post today says that no more than two or three percent of registered votes is expected to participate in the nomination election this month. That would be disgracefully low. Whatever their imperfections, both candidates are men of substance, and they have engaged in a lively debate.

Perhaps there is no excitement here in Richmond because both Miller and Webb are perceived as remote — Northern Virginians and Beltway insiders. Whatever the reason, the lack of enthusiasm doesn’t augur well for the eventual winner in his race against Allen.

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5 responses to “Apathy and the Miller-Webb Race”

  1. Scott Avatar

    Democrats fighting is almost as exciting as Republicans fighting.


    I am leaning towards Webb simply because he is a challenger vs. an incumbent.

    Let’s hope the Greens and Libertarians can mount some good candidates. Oh wait, petitioning and more petitioning…

  2. Vivian J. Paige Avatar
    Vivian J. Paige

    It has been low-profile outside of the blogsphere, although Miller seems to be doing more than Webb with direct voter contact, with mail pieces and TV ads.

  3. thegools Avatar

    Go Webb!

    If only 3% sow up to vote and choose Webb then it is OK with me and may mean that Allen could be beaten.

    If that sliver of voters choose Miller…Hello allen for 6 more years or until he is elected president 2008. (The horror)

  4. Charles Avatar

    I don’t remember seeing anything in the Potomac News.

    Scott, why do you think Webb is a challenger and Miler an incumbent? Just because Miller has been a democrat and Webb is just now becoming one?

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