And you thought Potts was just a pretty face!

I’d say the weekend endorcements were only the beginning. Potts will find alignments with centrist House members, too–mostly because the RPVA keeps getting out-flanked, not by the Democrats, but by its own ‘flat-earth’ wing. (All the Dems have to do at the moment is just stay out of the way while this army turns in on itself.) Time is against Mr. Reciprocal. Bolling has gotten into a weird–as campaigns go–sort of reverse-publicity warp, wherein the more he spends, the more folks hear about him, the worse he will do. His best strategy would be to pull his ads and go into hiding until June 15. But, of course, he won’t do that. So let’s go ahead and call this one. Connoughton beats him. Main Street (read ‘Mark Warner’) Republicans–those who understand that it takes money to build the roads and schools that build the businesses that build the state–are with Baril because Steve talks that business language, and because McDonnell, though smart he may be, has inexplicably allowed himself to become–in lots of minds–Pat Robertson’s poster boy, and the darling of those glassy-eyed Kool-Aid drinkers of the hard right.

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Of course, Pat Robertson has given substantial support to Connaughton also. But I do agree that Bolling’s problem is that the more one tries to understand what’s there, the more mystified one becomes.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Hmmm…Are socialists or limited-government advocates more like “flat-earthers”?

  3. rural not stupid Avatar
    rural not stupid

    I agree with your belief that the more people hear or see of Bolling the more his numbers will drop. But with endorsements like the Honorable Russ Potts, how does Connoughton or Baril pull out a victory in the primary? Even though either would be a stronger candidate in the general election, the moderates are going to use the “Main Street Republican” money to make a strong push these last few days. But I don’t believe thats where the votes are. I say that the true conservatives, Bolling and McDonnell, will get the nod. Thus giving Va Dems the gift of a lifetime, taking out Sean Connaughton.

  4. Cold Harbor Avatar
    Cold Harbor

    What Potts did was either mischievous or another example of his almost pathological egocentrism. He either is trying to inflame the less analytical elements of the GOP into running a weak ticket, or he thinks that Virginia’s citizens are waiting breathlessly to know how he votes. RNS: You make an important point that in some ways defines this primary. If things like the Potts vote and the Boling campaigns facile label libels sidetrack Connaughton, the Democrats in Virginia will have been given a gift that keeps on giving for years to come. It will markedly increase their chances of a sweep in November of this year, but also will consign the GOP to the kind of clanking, high school level rhetoric that stands square in the path of good governance. Warner (M.) has given the Dems a glimpse of how they can successfully govern in a conservative state if an articulate, maneuverable executive stays toward the perceived middle on most issues. Of the GOP candidates, only Connaughton has the intellect, governmental experience and skills to put rout to that tactic. If he gets past the primary, he has 8 years to make a difference. It seems to me the race is a close one. The Dems will win very big in June and November if we don’t put our best team on the field.

  5. Mitch Cumstein Avatar
    Mitch Cumstein

    Cold Harbor:

    Truer words were never spoken. Let’s just hope that the average Republican has the forsight to realize the implications of the primary on the general election. If Connaughton wins the primary, a GOP sweep is a real possibility. With Bolling on the ticket, I have little doubt that both he and Kilgore will lose in November. And you thought Warner/Kaine was bad? Try Kaine/Byrne on for size.

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    I agree with 0953 Anon. Byrne is said to be very strong among Dems, but I think she is their weakest candidate statewide. While I often agree with Mitch, I think even Bolling has a shot against her. Of course, there’s no reason to run it that close.

  7. Mitch Cumstein Avatar
    Mitch Cumstein


    Against a good candidate? I agree completely. Against Bolling, the Dems will have a field day. She could definitely beat Bolling if she runs a strong campaign. Bolling changes the entire dynamic of the ticket, both geographically and in terms of electability.

  8. Anonymous Avatar


    I’m not so sure. Bolling is unknown…Byrne has a bad reputation even amongst Democrats.

  9. Mitch Cumstein Avatar
    Mitch Cumstein

    I don’t disagree about Byrne. But if Bolling is an “unknown” now(which seems a bit odd insofar as he’s been running for LG for 3 years), he won’t be come November. The Dems and the MSM will dig through everything but his underwear drawer. He hasn’t handled the pressure of the primary race very well. I can’t imagine what we’d see in a general election, but it won’t be pretty.

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