And You Thought 2021 Couldn’t Be Any Worse than 2020…

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  1. I love the guy on the right wearing his employee work badge… 😉

    I know it is verboten to bring up Hillary Clintons description that lost her many votes and states, but…………. this photo is apparently reflective of who we are – collectively – whether we like it or not. 😉

    • The guy with the badge has been fired by that company. The fact that these people were doing everything they could to BE recognized is the best sign they are not AntiFa….

  2. Hah hah, it’s funny the angry Republican voters overran the Capitol in at attempt to subvert the American democratic process, beat a man to death with a fire extinguisher, and lead to more American lives lost than in the Benghazi attack. Funny, funny stuff.

  3. You just KNOW that Donald is going to have those guys over for cocktails.

    Say, do you suppose they can hold tTrump to his campaign promise to “pay the legal bills?”

  4. Here’s another… Friends don’t let friends govern drunk.

  5. Exactly! Anyone who thinks that these “Trumpers” seized the Capitol with the security that they have up there, I have a bridge to sell you. I have been there many times, and there’s no way.

    Here’s one article that has videotapes of the Capitol Police opening doors for “protesters” and invite them in. I have also seen selfies with the cops.

    This doesn’t pass the smell test.

    And then some of you might want to check your hypocrisy-meter. Here’s an article illustrating the rioting, looting, and destruction of property what the media and higher-ups in the Democrat party stating something to the effect of that they have a right to express themselves.

    • Are you suggesting that the attack on Congress was staged by opponents of the Republican party and supporters of Trump? If so, please take your conspiracy theories elsewhere. It’s incredibly disturbing that the capitol fell to these rioters and extremists, but not because it was “allowed” to happen as part of a conspiracy. The much more common and likely culprits are incompetence, mismanagement, and an underestimation of the threat of violence when the potential perpetrators are White Americans whose political beliefs include support of “law and order.”

      • And, apparently in cases, swinging Capital Hill doors open wide as if to invite protesters in, and facilitate their FREE and Unfettered passage without check or exception, inside the Nations most important public building’s interior spaces while its representatives were on the floors of both houses conducting its most important business imaginable.

        WHO GAVE THAT ORDER? Who allowed it. Why? Who was the greatest beneficiary of this Gross Dereliction of Duty? What does it remind you of!

        For insights, read Hunton and Williams Report on Charlottesville riots in Spring and summer of 2017.

        • Another question – if Capital Building doors were swung open for the “Mob of Thugs” by Capital Police charged with preventing unauthorized entry by anyone, much less a mob of thugs, why the need for several thugs to climb bare handed up vertical walls to unprotected and unobstructed terrace below Capital doors and windows, and from terrace then climb more so as to smash in with hammers the buildings windows for entry, all done in front of cameras so as to get dramatic performance art film shots worthy of a great Hollywood action movie.
          Might there be rime and reason behind all this choreographed violence worthy of a Super Bowl advertisement?

          • Well, thank you for at least appearing to ask instead of accuse me. And my apologies for the delay in responding. I have lots going on. I am not suggesting anything. I am challenging the narrative. It appears to me at least – and we all are calibrated differently – that the people are being led in. I am not denying that there weren’t those climbing on the walls, in the committee rooms, et cetera, basically unacceptable behaviors occurred. BTW, I am an Aristolian-Thomist virtue ethicist. One part of that definition is illustrated in Plato’s Republic – which is a serious of dialogues relating to discussions of power and justice – Does might make right? Is it about the means or the ends? Well, the Sophists’ point of view is that might does make right, that the end goal (telos) – whether just or unjust – makes it justifiable. The philosophers believed that you do what is right whether or not the end is in your favor and might does not make right. Just a quick reminder that the Sophists were paid teachers who believed in relativism and subjectivism, learn through persuasion with rhetoric. The end goal is persuasion by whatever means possible. The philosophers (Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato) were quite vitriolic of the Sophists and believed that that there is objective truth, that you learn through reason, and you convince with knowledge and truth.

            Now, back to your comments. True, I did insinuate that they were assisted in getting in. And, viola, I am correct. Politico is questioning the narrative also.

            Now do I have a theory of who did it? No. But I believe my eyes and question. I suggest you might consider questioning what you are reading and seeing on the news – all the news, even FOX. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I rely on facts and wait for evidence to come out for a conclusion. I have no conclusion to what’s going on, but it sure doesn’t pass the smell test.

            Next you can go to, for instance, GatewayPundit, and see several articles of ANTIFA and BLM assaulting and attacking people. The question I have: why isn’t the MSM reporting on this?

            We need to be thinking critically at this time.

          • And let me just add: Trump asked for a peaceful protest. However, this summer as BLM and ANTIFA were lighting cities across this country on fire, we didn’t hear the Democrats condemning that. But now every Trump supporter is a “terrorist” or “insurrectionist.” Here’s a compilation of Democrats inciting violence and it’s quite disturbing.

            And I bet you’re not surprised that I was there that day from 6 am to 5 pm. It was a glorious day – and I condemn the inappropriate behavior and violence that took place, and exempt that from my perspective. I think there was close to 1.5 million there, and you didn’t see burning down of buildings, looting, and rioting as you did in Democratic cities this summer by a much smaller crowd.

            Now why I found the day glorious. The people were civil and engaging. We talked about our founding documents – Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Congress is the People’s House, that we are to govern those who govern us, the rights of the people, separation of powers, checks and balances, republic (Rome) vs. democracy (Greece), violations of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and fundamental rights. Questioning term limits, but what do you do about the staff who often run things and are institutionalized, run the show in some ways, and guide new members of Congress?

            I personally like that people are looking back to our Founding and learning about it. We are far from the Constitution and Bill of Rights we were given. I think there needs to be discussions how we get aligned closer to the founding documents we were given. I don’t think they failed us; people along the way have.

            And I witnessed zero violence as I was there.

  6. Davy Crockett just spun.

    (Although, the De la Pena Diary has been authenticated and is likely to be more accurate than American folklore)

  7. So was everyone here condemning the riots/protests? Chaz? Proof?

    All I had to see was one poor lady who wished she was dead because they had destroyed her life. She wasn’t asking much. That was months ago.

    Yet demonization of people getting killed for no reason brings victim blaming and derision. I don’t know who is worse: the hypocrites or the violent. Both are just as evil.

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