And the Top Legal Immigrants Are…

Illegal immigrants get most of the attention in the immigration debate. We know, or think we know, who they are — overwhelmingly Hispanics from Latin America. But what is the origin of the major legal immigrants to Virginia?

Drawing upon 2004 figures, a Virginia Association of Realtors research report lists the following:

Of a total of 21,695 legal immigrants, the top contributors were:

India… 2,269
El Salvador… 1,575
The Philippines… 1,265
Korea… 1,009
China… 888
Vietnam… 841

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3 responses to “And the Top Legal Immigrants Are…”

  1. Toomanytaxes Avatar

    Someone ought to say it. Kudos to all these people who are following the rules. Whether one thinks we should continue the pace of immigration or have a drastic slow-down, it’s nice to see so many people who have respect for our laws.

  2. adron_bh Avatar

    It’s great to see all those immigrants coming into coountry. Usually they know more about the American ideal and are here to chase it. Instead of pushing for lavish and ridiculous socialistic ideals.

    As for the illegals, if we really did have a competitive free-market, that wouldn’t be much of a problem either. We’d NEED them to come in country just as we did with the Chinese from the inception of the transcon railroads.

  3. Tobias Jodter Avatar
    Tobias Jodter

    Instead of pushing for lavish and ridiculous socialistic ideals.

    I would love to see some real research to back up this common assumption about 21st century immmigrants… is it just wishful thinking?

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