And That’s Why I Don’t Give Them a Nickel

Veering away from the confines of Virginia for a moment…

My alma mater, Colorado College, has blundered into another controversy regarding free speech. This one actually got some play at Inside Higher Ed, so you know folks are paying attention (at least within academic circles).

The fliers in question are linked on FIRE site and you can judge for yourself which one is the parody. It strikes me that both wallow in poor taste and each makes me wonder just what in the Sam Hill has become of my old school.

It was another incident in tastelessness and bureaucratic over-reach at CC that led to my first-ever blog post at OMT way back in 2002.

I now return you to Virginia wonkiness.

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(comments below)


  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Mr. Leahy,
    As far as I am concerned you can write whastever the hell you want to.

    But where, oh where, are the Blog-O-Fascists screaming that this post has nothing to do with Virgninia and is therefore inappropropriate?
    Where is Jim Bacon declaring “The Norman Leahy post was borderline?”

    Peter Galuszka

  2. Jim Bacon Avatar
    Jim Bacon

    The Norman Leahy post was borderline.

  3. Jim Bacon Avatar
    Jim Bacon

    Seriously, Norm’s post does depart from the core mission of Bacon’s Rebellion. But like your post about the budgetary cost of the War, Peter, it’s not so far out of line that I have a problem with it. I figure that if I’m going to coax talented writers and thinkers to contribute to Bacon’s Rebellion, I have to cut them a little slack when they stray off the reservation.

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Take it as an expository lesson.

    If you want someone to support your cause, then don’t start off by insulting them, and be prepared to support theirs in return.


  5. Norman Leahy Avatar
    Norman Leahy

    I appreciate Jim’s indulgence — his blog, his rules, after all.

  6. iago the fascist Avatar
    iago the fascist

    I reject and condemn Norman Leahy’s post in a loud, screaming voice. I am pleased to see that I have been branded a Blog-O-Fascist by that paragon of free speech and open discussion, Peter Galuszka.

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    Iago the Fascist,
    You said it. I didn’t. But I’m glad you agree.

    Norman, I have to agree with you here. My college has been the same way since the 1960s. The leftists shout down everyone else. I’m for a more wide-ranging debate.
    Peter Galuszka

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