Allen vs Affleck – Almost as Confusing as Warner vs. Warner

Hollywood liberal Ben Affleck has been spotted shopping for real estate near Charlottesville amidst rumors that he’s being courted to run against Republican George Allen in 2008. Someone had better warn the poor guy: He’s got a better chance of getting back together with J-Lo than winning a U.S. Senate race in Virginia. Read Christina Nuckols’ musings on the topic here.

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(comments below)


  1. Anonymous Avatar

    He’s doing so much better with Jennifer Garner. She’s smokin’.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Another non story. And why did Allen’s office use its time and our tax money to respond to something like that? Paranoia must reign amongst the junior senator’s lackeys!

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Well 12:16, Allen’s kids responded to it first so Kilgore’s kids didn’t have the chance.

    Kaine has yet to comment, but I expect that will change before the end of the day.

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    12:45: You’re on. I haven’t seen anything from Kaine or Potts. At least Kaine, Potts and Kilgore’s staff aren’t paid by you and me and our Aunt Jane with our tax dollar$ to do such nonsensical things.

    But heck, maybe Affleck will run for Congress from Texas. I understand there may be an opening down there very soon.

  5. Schwartzenegger made the big leap based in part on name brand value. Why not Affleck? Charlottesville loves erudite celebs with political leanings like John Grisham, Sissy Spacek, and Howie Long… Wait. Scratch that last one.

  6. 12:16 Anonymous Avatar
    12:16 Anonymous

    JP: Interesting….Hmmm… If Affleck did run against Allen we’d have two Californians running to be Senator from Virginia.

    Why not? After all an Austrian is governor out there.

  7. You know if you strip away the stigma that comes with being from “Hollywood” (and making bad film role choices on top of that), I bet Affleck wouldn’t be that shabby of a candidate. From the interviews I have seen and articles I have read when he discusses politics, he is articulate, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and engaged. But because he is an actor, that is being held against him. I think all politicians are actors and most deserve Academy Awards for their public performances!

  8. Anonymous Avatar

    Reminds me of an old line: Politics is Hollywood for ugly people. Well, it seems that ugly people are once again being discriminated against and that all they have left are software companies and blogs. We better not let the good looking people in on these last bastions.

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