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The University of Richmond’s Thad Williamson and I have our first in a monthly series of Agree to Disagree columns now online at

The topic is the War and what the nation’s course should be.

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  1. E M Risse Avatar
    E M Risse

    Note: This is a Virginia centric Blog but the topic of this discussion was addressed at Bacons Rebellion back in March 2003 (“Three Questions” 24 March)and the questions have never been answered. Furthermore, the solution impacts every citizen of Vriginia.

    We agree with Mr. Leahy on Iraq: Retreat is not the answer but what is?

    The Iraq flag gives a clue. Iraq is really three places, three Regions, three Beta New Urban Regions.

    We referred to the three parts of Iraq defined by the two no-fly zones in 2003. WaPo’s page two data “Fraying Nation, Divided Options” on 13 May spells out the problem and suggests the answer:

    Iraq is not a nation-state.

    Iraq was smashed together for administrative expediency by the French and British.

    The entire world could use a Fundamental Chage in borders but the need is most stark between the Mediterraniean to the South China Sea.

    How do we solve Iraq and Afghanastan? The way Yugoslavia was solved. One friend just bought a summer place in Croatia, anther went hiking there last month and a third is doing business in Slovenia. Unheard of before the break up.

    The UN / NATO / US-Canada-Austrailia / need to lead in the evolution of Blanced Regions (New Urban and Urban Support) and then let them decide how (or if) the want to agglomerate into nation-states.


  2. Anonymous Avatar

    How about doing something local next time and collaborating on an AGREE TO DISAGREE column on the Virginia Performing Arts Foundation’s arts center… before the June 1st groundbreaking?

    In particular, the burning questions addressed here that no one in the press wants to talk about:

    VAPAF might be a really educational subject for Dr. Williamson and his “Urban Governance” class to dive into on their URbanstudies blog, as well. Considering that the public-private partnership’s “tax and spend” efforts have become nationally-notorious, it should be most enlightening for students.

    Keep up the good work, Norm. Even when I don’t agree, I’m always engaged. Thanks, Don c/o Save Richmond

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