AG Race Goes Negative

Compared to the four-way, Kaine-Kilgore-Fitch-Potts spat-fest in the gubernatorial race, the Attorney General campaigns have remained fairly civil affairs. Until now. The Virginia Conservative Action PAC, which puts state tax and spending reform at the top of its list of priorities, has endorsed Del. Bob McDonnell, R-Virginia Beach, for Attorney General. The PAC promptly rolled out radio ads supporting him and attacking his opponent, Richmond attorney Steve Baril.

In a 60-second ad paid for by VCAP and authorized by McDonnell, a narrator states: “His opponent, Steve Baril, has no experience as a prosecutor. Baril’s own Web site says his law practice is quote ‘devoted primarily to business and commercial litigation.’ Do we really want a commercial litigator who’s never served as a prosecutor or elected official to serve as Virginia’s top cop?”

Responding promptly in a press release, Steve Baril said: “It’s unfortunate that Del. McDonnell, with a 14-year record in the General Assembly, has so little positive to say about himself that he has to attack me. I consider it a compliment that my campaign has gained so much momentum that Bob is now on the attack. I look forward to a spirited four weeks and to winning the Republican Primary on June 14th.”

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  1. I remember reading this somewhere, but I don’t know who to credit it to…

    The AG isn’t really the state’s “top cop”. They’re more of the state’s “top lawyer”…

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Word on the street is that the buy is funded by a $220K donation from the American Tort Reform Association,which you can look up at There are good issues in this race, but I think this PAC is making a tactical error getting involved in this fight. It used to have strong ties to Bill Bolling. Is this Bolling trying to influence the AG race?

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