Adding to NOVA’s Tax Burden

Given the unrelenting assault on family budgets in NOVA, with higher property taxes, last year’s tax increase (the largest tax increase in the history of our State), the proposed toll increase on the Dulles Toll Road, just to list a few, I find it preposterous that any elected official from NOVA would vote for even higher taxes against NOVA residents.

I’m not surprised that Sen. Mary Margaret Whipple would propose greater tax burden on her own constituents (SB 1099 – Motor Fuels Tax; Additional Imposition in the NOVA Transportation District), while Richmond is diverting NOVA’s taxes to other parts of the State. She’s after all a Democrat and that’s what they believe in.

But I’m shocked, shocked that any Republican Senator representing NOVA would vote for this abomination. Unfortunately, Jeannemarie Devolites Davis (R-Vienna) and Sen. Bill Mims (R-Leesburg) voted in favor of this bill.

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(comments below)


  1. Isn’t the highest tax increase in the history of our state when we adopted the income tax?

    What about when we adopted the sales tax?

    Or when we adopted the gasoline tax?

    Or when we adopted the corporate income tax?

    With all due respect, as I’ve discussed before, this is all just a bunch of huffing and puffing over a small increase in the sales tax and cigarette tax. The increase is specifically earnmarked towards K-12 and the healthcare trust fund.

    We have a surplus this year, so we’ll have some tax relief…

  2. Jim Bacon Avatar

    Someone needs to track the increase in local government taxes/spending along with the increase in state taxes/spending. It’s mind-boggling how much real estate taxes are increasing, especially in Northern Virginia, as Will’s recent blog took note of. It is disingenuous to talk about state spending and taxes without making reference to what’s happening locally as well.

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