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Reframing the Debate from CRT to “Divisive Concepts”

by James A. Bacon We all knew that Governor Glenn Youngkin’s campaign to root out Critical Race Theory (CRT) would be controversial. There are tremendous issues at stake and entrenched interests involved. It would be helpful if both sides honestly … Continue reading

Schools Say They Teach CRT, Even As Journalists Deny It

by Hans Bader Schools are teaching critical race theory, even as liberal education reporters deny it is taught anywhere, and falsely claim it is not taught in even a single school system. Detroit’s school superintendent, Nikolai Vitti, says critical race … Continue reading

No CRT to See Here, Move Along Now

From the Critical-Race-Theory-is-a-conservative-bogeyman department: Celebrate #UnityWeek and join panel discussions where you can engage in healthy and positive conversations about unity. Featured for Unity Week is the “Stamped from the Beginning Community Read Project,” a Virginia Beach Public Library (VBPL) … Continue reading

Beating a Zombie Horse: Yes, Virginia, CRT Is Real

by James A. Bacon If these were normal times I could file this post under the “beating a dead horse” tab. Jim Sherlock and I have blogged repeated on the topic of Critical Race Theory in Virginia schools, providing abundant … Continue reading

Changing Culture with the Other CRT

by Carol J. Bova The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) document, “Navigating EdEquityVa — Virginia’s Road Map to Equity” lays out a back-door strategy for changing traditional American values and culture. “The mission of the Virginia Department of Education,” says … Continue reading

More “Not CRT” Indoctrination at JMU

by James A. Bacon Gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe calls the outcry over Critical Race Theory in Virginia public schools as a “right-wing conspiracy.” Governor Ralph Northam terms it “a dog whistle that Republicans are using to frighten people.” Defining CRT … Continue reading

Gloucester School Board Nixes CRT

by Carol J. Bova The Gloucester County Public School Board spelled out its opposition to indoctrination or teaching that encourages hate and division in Gloucester public schools in its Tuesday meeting. The Board voted 6 to 0 for a resolution … Continue reading

The Left Is Lying: CRT Is Peddling Hate in Our Schools

by Elizabeth Schultz After claiming endlessly that Critical Race Theory (CRT) does not exist, or that it is not being ‘taught’ in schools, the two largest teachers’ unions – the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers, funded with teachers’ dues, … Continue reading

Yes, CRT Is Being Taught in Schools

by Hans Bader On July 15, a Reuters fact-check claimed that “many Americans embrace falsehoods about Critical Race Theory.” But it is Reuters that embraced a falsehood, not the American people. Reuters denied that Critical Race Theory teaches that “discriminating … Continue reading

Amazon Donates CRT Book to Arlington Schools

by Hans Bader Amazon donated hundreds of copies of a racist, error-filled book by a critical race theorist to Arlington County public schools. In doing so, the Seattle-based company helped poison young minds and taught high-school students falsehoods about America’s … Continue reading

CRT and Virginia History

By Dick Hall-Sizemore Over the past few months, there has been considerable commentary on Bacon’s Rebellion regarding Critical Race Theory (CRT). Many on this blog seem to genuinely fear that this theory, or frame of reference, presents an existential threat … Continue reading

A Win! Va. Ed Dept Removes “Virginia Math Pathways Initiative”

by Asra Q. Nomani Yes, Virginia, there is critical race theory in the state. Read our examples at Parents Defending Education. There were 20. Now, there are 19. In their first week in office, Jillian Balow, the new Virginia superintendent of schools, … Continue reading

The New McCarthyism at UVa

by Joel Gardner One of my earliest memories is sitting with my mother as a pre-kindergartener watching the McCarthy hearings in the spring of 1954. Television was a new medium for most American households and the bombastic anti-communist antics of … Continue reading

A Taste of Tyranny

Testimony of Arthur Purves, president of the Fairfax County Taxpayers Alliance, at a hearing held by the Fairfax delegation to the General Assembly January 8. Thank you for this hearing. I have five topics. First, it was 19 degrees this … Continue reading

Meritocracy Against the Wokes

Progressive Democrats are awfully riled up about the term “meritocracy” in Youngkin’s EO 1 — and they ought to be. by Shaun Kenney Poor Democrats — they haven’t been this ruffled about Republicans taking over Richmond since 1865. Truly, it’s … Continue reading