Fulminations about Yuppy Scum and Idiot Technology

This is me right now — without the muscles.

OK, I’m really ticked off, my wife is out of the house, and I have no one to vent to. So, I will air my wrath online.

First thing that happened: I was picking up some branches out of Countryside Lane at the intersection with River Road. (No, I’m not much of a Good Samaritan, but I am president of the Home Owners Association, so I feel obligated to do such things.) As I was getting back into my car, I saw a guy come out of nowhere and ram into the River Road/Countryside Lane Street sign, knocking it half over. Just knocked it right over. The dude sat there, seemingly wondering what to do. When I approached to inspect the damage, he started backing up, as if to leave. When I started jogging closer to get a look at his license plate, he took off down River Road like a bat out of hell.

The dirt bag was driving what seemed to be a fairly expensive, black, two-door car. (I have no ability to recognize the model of the car he was driving.) He was white, well groomed and seemed to be in his 30s. Pardon my stereotype, but he looked like egg-sucking Yuppy scum!! I’d love to take a hammer to his Volvo or Beemer, or whatever it was!

Then, when I got home: I got a push message from Apple on my PC to download an iTunes software update. I complied. Everything seemed normal. But when I tried to add a playlist to my iPhone, nothing worked. I tried everything I could imagine, then finally gave up and called Geek support. My tech guy was baffled at first, but then discovered that the hundreds of songs that I had downloaded onto my PC previously were now marked by iTunes as needing to be downloaded again! What the %#$@??? Now I’ve got to download all my songs again? Thanks Apple!

This gets back to one of my favorite themes. Yeah, technology is capable of doing all sorts of amazing things. But the more complex it gets, the more FUBAR it gets. Besides the iTunes incident, I continually get menus popping up on my PC and laptop from Apple, Microsoft, WordPress and others asking me to fill out user names and passwords for stupid reasons, and NOTHING WORKS, even though I know my username and password are correct! As a consequence, I’m driven to create new user names and passwords, some of which I manage to keep track of, and some of which I don’t. It’s all a colossal pain! So, while technology makes my life better in some ways, it is also driving me to the brink of madness!

I need a drink. Thank God for bourbon.

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(comments below)


5 responses to “Fulminations about Yuppy Scum and Idiot Technology”

  1. LarrytheG Avatar

    My bet is that the guy who did the “update” for Apple is a close relative of the guy who ran over the sign and fled!

  2. Forget the wife. Get a dog. They’ll love the attention when you vent. 🙂

  3. kvdavis2 Avatar

    It was a Beemer. Really. When I first met my late husband mumbledy-something hundred years ago (in NYC), he had a celadon green 320i, lovely little thing. As the 80’s Wall Street Greed trend washed across us, he oft noted how BMW drivers became total…..gee whiz can I use a word the White House Communications Chief uses on the record with the New Yorker? OK maybe not….

    The password thing. Your Password Hell seems to be esp. horrible, but we can get caught in these sign-in loops that totally obviate any efficiency computers were supposed to have brought………….

    1. LarrytheG Avatar

      re: the passwords… not knowing Jim’s specifics… generally need to be careful about signing in … giving your credentials.. make sure you KNOW the URL… do NOT login in from an email link until you verify the actual link!!!

      Many websites are now using some version of two-factor authentication which is a safeguard against someone having your login credentials .. the 2-factor comes alive if the login is from a different computer .. or different computer network.. a new computer.. or new router.. etc..

      Always use a ‘strong’ password.. easy to determine.. many “testers” not a good practice to use same password across different logins.. better to use a password manager … or .. a paper notebook…

      and if you have pop-ups and other not normal things going on – need to do a malware scan – pronto.. and one that detects ransomware – a plus..

  4. djrippert Avatar

    Pity you didn’t take the iPhone out of your pocket and take a picture of the Yuppie car that knocked down the street sign. Not only would you have your evidence you probably could have expanded the photo to read the license plate.

    You could have posted the photo on this blog along with the Bobby Fuller Four’s rendition of “I fought the blog and the blog won”. Once you re-downloaded it of course.

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