Peter Galuszka

Peter Galuszka is a veteran journalist with more than three decades experience. His credentials include stints as Moscow Bureau Chief and International News Editor in New York for BusinessWeek, and Executive Editor of Virginia Business magazine.

Galuszka grew up in North Carolina, the Washington, D.C., area, and West Virginia. He graduated from Georgetown Preparatory School outside Washington and earned a degree in political science/international relations at Tufts University near Boston.

He started journalism at a small daily in Eastern North Carolina. His professional background includes work in Washington, Cleveland and Chicago for McGraw-Hill. Closer to home, Galuszka has worked as a reporter for The Virginian-Pilot and the Richmond Times-Dispatch, where jobs included environmental reporting and investigative journalism.

Galuszka writes for Bacon’s Rebellion as well as a number of national finance, business and education magazines. He also runs Galuszka Associates, which does competitive intelligence.

He is married with two daughters.

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  1. I read your post re eric cantor on another blog. I am setting up a petition on to protest his shelving of the STOCK act, making it illegal for congress to engage in inside trading. I need an email address for eric cantor and am unable to find his email address. Would you have it?

  2. Read your column in the Washington Post today and I am afraid you have a lot of facts wrong.
    For example, when you talk about the state contributing 8% to the total U.Va.budget this is a misstatement. For example, UVa has a large medical complex that is self funded and that is figured in the total university budget. Also, the university spends some $20+ million on athletics or several times what Harvard spends. Are you suggesting that Virginia help fund the athletic programs at VT and UVa?
    And VT gets more state money per student because of its agriculture related mission. They get money from the state for agriculture research and tens of million for public service to the agricultural community. Those are the reasons they appear to have more state money per student.
    And UVa., VT and GMU presidents are among the highest paid public universities in the country.
    If you want to compare state support for higher just take the total amount spent by a state for higher education broadly defined and divide it by the state’s population and that would be a good measuring tool.
    And one more thing VT is exremely competitive for engineering etc but their liberal arts majors are barely above national average in the SAT scores. In fact the non engineering majors at VT have average lower SAT scores than do freshment at JMU.
    I suspect you were talking for WM and UVa and just threw tech in for good measure.
    Finally, about the $3 billion campaign did they tell you that when they announced it they decided to count all contributions and promises of contributions for the previous five years and then counted well into the future for promises but not legal bound contributions? And they included external revenues, contributions and post season revenues in athletics.
    And while UVa pays its in house investment gurus over a million dollars a year they are still $400 million below their 2006 endownment total.
    All of these whining figures from WM are just that. 90% of the freshmen at WM in any one year could not be admitted to Harvard, Yale etc at all.
    If they go private they willl be surprised.

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