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3 Responses to The Blog

  1. how do I log in a post a comment on your smart growth blogs. I am having difficulty doing that. Thanks –

  2. I have recently received and read your article regarding the Henrico meals tax. First let me say that I have lived in Henrico county since 1967 having moved here from the Philadelphia area. For many years I was satisfied with our county government. Now, as I learn more I’m more disappointed than ever. I am well aware of run-away politics ruining government. But back to the point, everything in your article I espouse as well as concur with you on. Now, how about page 2 ? I am a retired Henrico county deputy sheriff. I tell you this so you know I have seen things on the inside. As former law enforcement I am on the board of the FOP Henrico lodge #4. Three months ago the county manager requested a meeting with the FOP board, the purpose of which was to convince us to convince the rank and file that the meals tax was good and necessary. I still don’t have a good taste in my mouth about this. Also, if we are in need of funds, why do we have two jails, one East in New Kent County and one West? Another point of interest, take a good look at the badges we are issued. The Henrico unit is the only one without the state seal; they use Pocohantas. It would appear that this county would prefer to be the great independent state off Henrico.

    Frank J. Hudak

  3. I think an article on the impact on land owners in the ROW of proposed rt 460 would be good idea.Over 10 years of indecision on the rt 460 hwy have had a huge negative effect on the use of land in and adjoining this project. Over 10 years ago I did all of the engineering for a rezoning of my farm and had a ready buyer for property. Then this project came up and stooped all work on my land. After all this time there is still no end in site and now the proccess is starting over from the begining. The use and value of my land has been taken with no end in site. Can at least a dead line for a decision be set and stuck too this time. There are hundreds of land owners who are effected by this.

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