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The Bacon’s Rebellion blog tracks public policy issues in Virginia.

We don’t do politics — just policy. Moreover, this is not a partisan blog. Our contributors reflect a broad cross spectrum of viewpoints. They include:

    • James A. Bacon, publisher. (View profile. View posts.)
    • John Szczesny, an urban planner and telecommunications consultant. (View posts.)
    • Don Rippert, the blogger formerly known as “Groveton.” Don is a senior executive with a Fortune 500 IT company. (View posts.)

Blog Rules and Etiquette

We request, though we don’t require, readers to use their real names when they comment. For those unwilling to reveal their real name, we ask that they use a consistent pseudonym so others can more easily track who is saying what.

We have managed, so far, to avoid posting elaborate rules for participating in this blog. We simply urge contributors and commenters to maintain a collegial atmosphere. Direct all the fire and fury you want at another person’s argument, but do not engage in ad hominem attacks. The publisher reserves the right to delete any comments that violate this basic rule. Additionally, blog contributors have the right to delete any comments on their own posts only that they feel detracts from the quality of the dialogue.

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