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Apology to B.R. Newsletter Subscribers

While doing some file clean-up in WordPress, I accidentally published an unfinished version of an article I am in the process of writing, which probably triggered an email to many Bacon’s Rebellion subscribers. The article was incomplete. I have not fully thought it through, and I have not fact-checked it. You will do yourself no favor by reading it. Hopefully, I will be able to publish a polished version within a few days. My apologies.

Update: Ouch. I did it again with a second  article, this one under Reed Fawell’s byline, that we are radically revising. Please ignore. Thanks.


Introducing John Szczesny

A quick note to  readers: John Szczesny, a Chesterfield resident, urban planner and telecommunications consultant, is joining the stable of Bacon’s Rebellion contributors. He has a B.A. in political science from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and a Master’s in Planning from SUNY-Albany. He will write about a variety of issues relating to planning and telecommunications in Virginia.

He’s a good guy. Don’t scare him off!


Out of Action Today

wedding-bellsHonorable Daughter Number One is getting married tomorrow in North Carolina, and I have a number of fatherly duties to attend to this weekend. Sorry, but no posts until next week!


Swimming with the Sharks


I’ll be blogging sporadically this week, as I am vacationing with the in-laws at Emerald Isle, N.C.


Coming Up: Comment Highlights

Sorry, guys, we're highlighting comments, not hair.

Sorry, guys, we’re highlighting comments, not hair.

Some of the best content of the Bacon’s Rebellion blog lies buried in the comments. Readers are extraordinarily knowledgeable, and they often share their knowledge to amplify or take issue with posts appearing on the blog. I have been so impressed with readers’ contributions recently that I have decided to highlight their contributions.

Readers should check the comments as a matter of course. However, not every comment is a masterpiece and it can be intimidating sifting through the more than 90,000 comments published over the past two-and-a-half years to find the gems.

Accordingly, I have downloaded a plug-in that allows me to highlight comments that hew to the highest standards of Bacon’s Rebellion discourse, advancing the dialogue in a positive way by bringing new facts to the table, presenting cogent and persuasive logic, or advancing an argument with exceptional panache. This will allow readers to skip over the ad hominem attacks, the cheap shots, routine carping and spleen venting that occasionally mars the discourse. (For that record, that includes my ad hominem attacks, cheap shots and spleen venting.)

I will bequeath these highlights sparingly, but I welcome nominations from readers. While I read or scan every comment that enters the bog, I am sometimes hard pressed for time and may overlook valuable contributions. If you think I’ve overlooked an especially worthy comment, contact me at jabacon[at] with your suggestions. Be sure to send me the URL and the time stamp of the comment so I can find it.


So Long, Bacon’s Rebellion

Galuszka on Thom Hartmann show, 2012

Here I am discussing my book on the Thom Hartmann show in Washington in  2012

 By Peter Galuszka

For that past six (or is it seven or eight?) years, I’m been pleased to pound away posting my peculiar views on Bacons Rebellion.

My stance has typically been that of a liberal or progressive albeit one of the near and not the far left. My opinions have been honed by 41 years of experience as a journalist in Virginia, in other states and abroad.

Now it’s time to sign off, at least on Bacons Rebellion. I’ll be moving over to Style Weekly, where I have been writing for the past six years.

I have a close relationship with the Style staff whom I respect tremendously. In fact, it was a Style story on coal giant Massey Energy in 2009 that morphed into my first book, “Thunder on the Mountain: Death at Massey and the Dirty Secrets Behind Big Coal” that was published in hardback by St. Martin’s Press in 2012 and then in paperback by West Virginia University Press in 2014. In a way, it’s like going home since Style is owned by The Virginian-Pilot, where I first starting working in 1973 when I was 20 years old.

I also have tremendous respect for Jim Bacon, with whom I have been working on and off since 2000. While Jim and I share very different views on most topics, he and I share one common idea – that the free press and deeply reported and analyzed stories are essential if Virginia and the country are to protect individual liberty and have flourishing economies.

Over the years, Jim and I have chewed over such issues as land use and the environment; ethics and energy. We’ve been through such colorful figures as Ken Cuccinelli and the rise and fall of Bob McDonnell, the Confederate flag and health care.

Recently, however, Jim has accepted a sponsorship from Dominion Resources, whom I have covered and written about critically since the mid-1970s. Although Dominion has had absolutely no impact on my recent postings, I am uncomfortable with continuing on a blog that embraces stories that do seem, in some cases, to be push Dominion’s interests in ways that are far too one-sided. This is not healthy given the gravity of such issues as global warming, renewable energy, coal, natural gas, the rights of landowners who decline to let Dominion survey their property for a pipeline route and so on.

Another reason for my decision to leave is that a venomous gas seems to be suddenly choking the Rebellion. Rather than arguing my points with wit and facts, as I have been enjoying for years, some of the more recent commenters have resorted to snark and bitter personal assaults. I have donated thousands of hours of my time for free on this blog. Commenters might not agree with me, but now some seem not to respect my efforts at all. So, I say goodbye and good luck to them.

If you want to find me in the future, look for me at and at The Washington Post, where I will continue to contribute to the All Opinions Are Local section and to other parts of the paper. I will still be free lancing for various outlets.

I hope you will continue to read and support Bacons Rebellion. It is fantastic resource that has served as much-needed forum for information, ideas, debate and analysis as journalism continues to undergo the tremors caused by the Internet.

All the best to Jim!

Note to Subscribers….

Subscribers to the Bacon’s Rebellion email alert received notification of a newly published article about legal issues surrounding the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. That story was incomplete. I published it by clicking on the wrong button in WordPress, and I deleted it from the blog as soon as I recognized the mistake. My apologies for the confusion.