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James Atticus Bowden




Wanted: A Conservative Hero


Moderates need not apply.



Virginia’s Conservatives need a hero for our Commonwealth. Conservatives have the better ideas – socially, fiscally, and defense. Uncompromising conservative Republicans won state-wide offices. Yet, it’s a long four years until Bill Bolling runs for Governor.


Until then, conservatives need a champion. Even the best of ideas are silent if unspoken, unread if unwritten, and empty shells if unfilled with public passion. Absent a Conservative hero, the RINOs who call themselves Moderates, other Liberals, and mindless “my Party right or wrong” power sycophants will serve the closeted, but super-Liberal, Gov. Tim Kaine and Democrats guiding Virginia wrongly.


The model for a hero may be seen in the epic movies this CHRISTmas season. Films from the Chronicles of Narnia and the Harry Potter series provide heroic figures from different perspectives. Yet, both Christian and Pagan thinking recognize the brave deeds and noble qualities of a hero. Real heroes pour themselves out for others. Our quest for a Conservative champion won’t end in a climatic battle under a hail of arrows. The vision for Virginia is an unfolding idea that ends only with the end of Virginia or the death of her freedoms and opportunity.


Our Conservative hero must stand up to sharply pointed, hateful, malicious words – and that's just from some Republicans – until a new hero stands in the gap. A Virginia hero needs these qualities for great deeds in our time:


Courage. A hero ... will not flinch when called ‘free lunch lunatic’, ‘flat-earth fiscal’ or ‘extremist’.  ...will not cower from the usual barbs of anti-Poor/Black/ Immigrant/Choice/Homophobe/ Education. ... will not quail when labeled Christian Taliban, Religious Right, Redneck, Intolerant, or – shudder – closet Confederate. ... Will speak the truth to power that limited government means spending limits first and tax cuts second.  ...Will tell K-Higher Education administrators that if they can’t teach within their adequate budgets then they are incompetent educrats who should resign immediately.


All the MSM will write and speak ill. Be not afraid. Armed with the truth, a hero will use the Internet to help get the truth out.


Wisdom. Understand economics to say the tax increase hasn’t helped Virginia’s economy. Federal tax cuts and federal spending are the engine of Virginia’s growth. Know what folks on the Eastern Shore, Northern Neck and throughout the mountainous Southwest know about low job growth.  Lower taxes will increase state revenue better than tax increases. 


Understand that land use and transportation policy are co-joined. Virginia can’t pave its way forward. Reflect the principles that should guide taxation and all government policy over petty politics or pecuniary opportunity. Understand the long-term solutions for health care, retirement, job insecurity and education finances are more important than today’s polls.


Skill. More than swordsmanship, a hero will be able to speak numbers in simple language. ... as in, every $150 million of taxes kills 5,000 jobs. ... will name the budget that Virginia can afford – how many billions – and name the priorities within that limit. ... will speak to the eight percent revenue increase in a growing economy that paid for the extra spending of the last budget, making the huge tax increase producing a huge surplus a Chicken Little political con. ... Will brandish that a dollar left in a Virginian’s pocket produces 4 or 5 new dollars and feeds the job growth of small businesses, and that a dollar of taxes produces about 23 cents of “services, infrastructure, government needs”.


Leadership. A hero will stand up and respond to His Lordship Sir John Chichester, the state Senate Finance chair, who will bring government to gridlock and blame the Conservatives. ... will stand up and respond if Gov. Kaine tries the same. ...will encourage the weaklings in the House of Delegates who vote with Democrats. ...will provide answers for the budget year ‘06. You can’t beat something wrong with nothing.


Conservative challengers in Republican House and Senate races in ‘07. Have better budget plans for ‘08.


Don’t pander to PC politics and grovel during the 400 year celebration of English-speaking settlers coming to this land to make it our Virginia. This is a glorious moment of Virginia’s and America’s exceptionalism. Not a shame. Likewise, encourage Virginia’s Congressional caucus to let the Voting Rights Act die a natural death in ‘07. The pride of Virginia is putting the sins of slavery, segregation and most racism in the past. Reconstruction is over. Rule by judges invites tyranny. And more.


Maybe Bill Bolling will choose to champion the Conservative vision. Bill is a de facto state Republican leader with Mr. Speaker Howell, Senate Majority Leader Chichester, and, of course, Senator-who- wants-to-be-President George Allen. For Virginia’s destiny, Conservatives need a champion.


-- November 28, 2005












James Atticus Bowden has specialized in inter-

disciplinary, long-range "futures" studies for more than a decade. He is employed by a Defense Department contract for the Future Combat Systems. A 1972 graduate of the United States Military Academy, he is a retired Army Infantry Officer. He earned graduate degrees from Harvard University and Columbia University. He holds two elected Republican Party positions in Virginia.

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