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Toxic Brew: Relativism and Globalism

by Reed Fawell III For the past six years, I have warned about the damage that unrestrained and hyper-competitive academic research is inflicting on the quality of higher education in… Continue reading

Who Runs UVa?

Who runs UVa? The president? The faculty? The Board of Visitors? The General Assembly? Or the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges? By Reed Fawell Last month,… Continue reading

When Virginia Universities Fund their Own Research, Where Does the Money Come From?

In the previous blog post, Reed Fawell makes the argument that America’s research universities are subsidizing their R&D programs to the tune of some $18 billion a year. The subsidies,… Continue reading

Inquisitor, Investigate Thyself

The Southern Commission on Colleges has far better subjects for its oversight activities than the University of Virginia’s Board of Visitors. by Reed Fawell III Despite the fracas last summer… Continue reading

The Higher-Ed Cost Crisis As Research Cost Crisis

Fawell III On January 23, Jim Bacon raised the question, “Does Undergraduate Education Subsidize University R&D?” In the post he concluded: Here’s the problem: We can’t hope to strike the… Continue reading

The Agenda behind the Attack on UVa’s Accreditation

…to keep them happy.” — Richard Vedder by Reed Fawell III The Southern Association of Colleges and Universities (SACU) is threatening to revoke the University of Virginia’s accreditation on the… Continue reading

What Happened to Institutional Racism?

…The root causes of inequality are complex. It’s refreshing to see the New York Times implicitly acknowledge a piece of that reality. (Hat tip: Reed Fawell.) Share this: Print Email… Continue reading

It Takes Two to Tango

…consume us all. Update: Excellent piece by Robert Tracinski, a conservative, Charlottesville-based writer, who makes many of the same points I do. Hat tip: Reed Fawell. Update: I took down… Continue reading


…institutional funds derived in part from undergraduate tuition payments. by Reed Fawell III February 15, 2018 Sponsor: Partners for College Affordability and Public Trust Will Grid Transformation Allow Utility Double… Continue reading

The Research Crisis in Higher Ed

…administrations don’t either — higher-ed accounting could be more transparent. As students, parents and taxpayers, we should insist upon finding out. (Hat tip: Reed Fawell) Share this: Print Email Tweet… Continue reading