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The Airport that Rent Seeking Built

by James A. Bacon The Washington Post has taken notice of the fact that Washington Dulles International Airport, widely regarded as an economic engine of Northern Virginia, is in trouble. Sometime next year, notes Lori Aratani, more passengers will be … Continue reading

The Disruption of Higher Education

Nathan Harden sees the future of higher education in America — and it’s very much like the future that I see for Virginia’s colleges and universities –except in this essay, “The End of the University as We Know It,” published … Continue reading

Should Dulles Co-opt NoVa Economic Development?

by James A. Bacon Last week, Reed Fawell III noted in his article on this blog, “A Mortgage on Northern Virginia’s Future,” that few Northern Virginians or Washingtonians had paused to ask whether the massive road investments proposed to advance Washington … Continue reading

A Mortgage on NoVa’s Future

Dulles’ speculative bid to become a national air-cargo hub dominates the transportation, growth and economic-development agenda of Northern Virginia. Can it succeed? And if it does, will it crowd out other paths to prosperity? Continue reading

Dulles’ Grand Plan

How is it that Northern Virginia, with some of the worst traffic headaches in the country, has embarked upon an economic development plan to bring thousands more trucks into the region? by Reed Fawell III In October 2005, the Washington … Continue reading

Sullivan’s Risky Bet on STEM

by Reed Fawell III Teresa Sullivan’s proposed four-year financial plan will forever alter the character and mission of the University of Virginia, undermining the financial model that has enabled the university to thrive.  If adopted by the Board of Visitors, … Continue reading

The Agenda behind the Attack on UVa’s Accreditation

by Reed Fawell III The Southern Association of Colleges and Universities (SACU) is threatening to revoke the University of Virginia’s accreditation on the grounds that the Board of Visitors improperly removed President Teresa Sullivan last year. Why does this obscure … Continue reading

Hey, Accreditors, Pick a Better Target!

Former Senator Hank Brown has joined the ranks of those — led first by Reed Fawell here in Bacon’s Rebellion — who question whether the Southern Association of Colleges (SACS) accrediting agency has any business instructing the University of Virginia … Continue reading

Accreditor Meddling Draws Rebuke

Some readers may have wondered if I had lost my marbles by hosting a series of posts by contributor Reed Fawell questioning a decision of  regional accrediting agency to inject itself into a governance controversy between the University of Virginia’s … Continue reading

Inquisitor, Investigate Thyself

The Southern Commission on Colleges has far better subjects for its oversight activities than the University of Virginia’s Board of Visitors. by Reed Fawell III Despite the fracas last summer between University of Virginia’s Board of Visitors and President Teresa … Continue reading