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The Huntington-Ingalls Model of Higher Ed

by James A. Bacon The Apprentice School in Newport News is arguably the most under-rated institution of post-secondary education in Virginia. It lacks some of the attributes that many colleges and universities take for granted — no NCAA-affiliated basketball teams, no … Continue reading

When Forecasts Go Bad: Dulles

by James A. Bacon Washington-area media finally have woken up to the major problems gripping Washington Dulles International Airport. In an April article Michael Neibauer with the Washington Business Journal noted that this important “economic engine” of Northern Virginia is sputtering. … Continue reading

Is U.Va. Possessed by the Devil?

By Peter Galuszka Over the past weeks there’s been plenty of blogging about Rolling Stone’s coverage of the University of Virginia and lots of comment by two conservatives who believe there is an evil “hook up” culture that involves casual … Continue reading

The Sexual Politics of Nine Males for Eleven Females

by James A. Bacon I had sworn to myself to stop writing about the University of Virginia sexual-assault debate, but I have come across an angle that, I believe, has received insufficient attention. In comments to a previous post, Reed Fawell … Continue reading

Sexual Assault Reform: UVa’s White House Connection

by James A. Bacon Reed Fawell III and I generated a furious response yesterday when we posted a detailed account of how the University of Virginia administration used Rolling Stone magazine’s infamous gang rape story to galvanize support for what we described … Continue reading

In Wake of Rolling Stone Fiasco, UVa Officials Also Have Some Explaining to Do

by James A. Bacon and Reed Fawell III On June 20, 2014, five months before the publication of a devastating article alleging a gang rape at the University of Virginia, Emily Renda, an employee of the Office of the Vice President for … Continue reading

The Airport that Rent Seeking Built

by James A. Bacon The Washington Post has taken notice of the fact that Washington Dulles International Airport, widely regarded as an economic engine of Northern Virginia, is in trouble. Sometime next year, notes Lori Aratani, more passengers will be … Continue reading

The Disruption of Higher Education

Nathan Harden sees the future of higher education in America — and it’s very much like the future that I see for Virginia’s colleges and universities –except in this essay, “The End of the University as We Know It,” published … Continue reading

Should Dulles Co-opt NoVa Economic Development?

by James A. Bacon Last week, Reed Fawell III noted in his article on this blog, “A Mortgage on Northern Virginia’s Future,” that few Northern Virginians or Washingtonians had paused to ask whether the massive road investments proposed to advance Washington … Continue reading

A Mortgage on NoVa’s Future

Dulles’ speculative bid to become a national air-cargo hub dominates the transportation, growth and economic-development agenda of Northern Virginia. Can it succeed? And if it does, will it crowd out other paths to prosperity? Continue reading