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World-Class Walkability in Barcelona

by James A. Bacon I have spent barely one day in the city of Barcelona and I can tell you three things that I dislike: the ubiquitous graffiti, the giant, ungainly recycling bins at many street corners, and the faint … Continue reading

Free Airbnb!

by James A. Bacon Let’s say you’re a widow trying to make ends meet. You convert your basement to an apartment and rent it out to out-of-town visitors through Airbnb. Or, let’s say you’re a young couple. You’ve bought your … Continue reading

In Praise of Organic Tourism

by James A. Bacon Promoting tourism is a major part of Virginia’s economic development strategy for good reason. Tourism supports jobs, expands the tax base and helps pay for amenities — restaurants, arts, cultural institutions — that can be enjoyed by … Continue reading

Exploring the World’s “Best” City

by James A. Bacon Last year Price Waterhouse Cooper crowned London as the “best” city in the world based upon a range of factors encompassing technology, innovation, transportation, tourism, livability, corporate clout and sustainability, beating out such great metropolises as New York, … Continue reading

Virginia, the Land Where New Ideas Go to Die?

by James A. Bacon I can’t say I’m surprised that the Commonwealth of Virginia now faces a $1 billion shortfall in the next biennial budget. That’s what happens when economic growth decelerates rapidly, as Virginia’s economy has been doing since the … Continue reading

The Internet-of-Things Steamroller and the Economic Competitiveness of Cities

by James A. Bacon Well, I’m a steamroller, baby, I’m bound to roll all over you. Yes, I’m a steamroller now, baby, I’m bound to roll all over you. … — James Taylor “Steamroller The words to James Taylor’s blues … Continue reading

Virginia Traffic Congestion — Not as Bad as We Thought

by James A. Bacon One of the arguments driving the transportation-funding debate this spring was the factoid that Northern Virginia is one of the most congested regions of the country, if not the most congested region. The genesis of this … Continue reading

Will Virginia Participate in the “Open Urbanism” Revolution?

by James A. Bacon A global revolution in the design and management of cities is gaining momentum. The rapid evolution of sensors, analytics and automation technologies is creating once-in-a-generation opportunities to drive down the cost of infrastructure and public services … Continue reading

Public Art and Building for the Ages

by James A. Bacon It’s probably not fair comparing the public art and architecture of Virginia cities, none of which are much more than 200 years old, with Barcelona, whose history stretches back 2,000 years. But I’m going to do … Continue reading

Life and Work on Carrer de Girona

by James A. Bacon If you live on Carrer de Girona in Barcelona, as my family and I have for the past few days, and you have a sudden craving for a green pepper, a bottled water, a Filipinos chocolate … Continue reading