Map of the Day: Hopewell Turns Minority-Majority

Map credit: Wall Street Journal

Map credit: Wall Street Journal

Note the presence of the city of Hopewell, Va., on this map. According to the Wall Street Journal, Hopewell was one of seven counties where racial minorities came to comprise a majority in 2015. Of the nation’s 3,142 counties, 12% are minority-majorities now.


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  1. Hopewell always has been the odd duck of the “Tri-Cities.” As “City Point” it was the Union Army’s staging area for the siege of Petersburg, and became the home, after the Civil War, of many of the miners brought in by the Union Army to dig tunnels under the Confederate fortifications around Petersburg. Today it’s a gritty industrial town (Honeywell, WestRock Paper, Dupont, Fort Lee) with high unemployment: — and I suppose best remembered for Allied Chemical/Life Sciences and the kepone-dumping episode of 1975. It doesn’t surprise me that Hopewell has a large minority population; but I am surprised that it’s a higher percentage than Petersburg, and that unemployment remains so high in Hopewell.

  2. You know what else is surprising on your map? That Prince William County is among the Minority-Majority jurisdictions in Virginia.

  3. I did not see that on the map (Prince William) ……….. you sure about that Acbar?,00

  4. Or this:
    I set this .jpg up on Google Drive for ‘share to anyone with the link’, and this is the link, but WordPress won’t load the picture when I post the link — what did I do wrong?

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