Fat Virginia: Better than Average but a Few Pounds to Trim

Source: WalletHub


Rankings based on composite metrics of fat prevalence, fat-related health issues, active lifestyle and healthy food in 100 largest U.S. metropolitan regions. Memphis ranks as the No. 1 metro with fat-related issues, Honolulu as No. 100.


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4 responses to “Fat Virginia: Better than Average but a Few Pounds to Trim

  1. Interesting list of localities in Virginia by health outcomes:


  2. Henrico – 18th highest per capita income and 34th in health outcomes. I should note that adjusted for cost of living Henrico would even be higher on the per capita income list.

    Fairfax County – 4th in per capita and 2nd in health outcomes.

    Jim – I called my contacts at INOVA … they are willing to completely outsource Henrico County’s healthcare system. They know a charity case when they see one.

    • I’m sure Mr. Bacon can correct me if I’m wrong, but I imagine that west of 95, Henrico is probably at the top of the state for incomes/health outcomes…east of 95 would be in the bottom half for both….

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