More Mead!

Silver Hand Brewery in Williamsburg. Photo credit: Daily Press

Silver Hand Meadery in Williamsburg. Photo credit: Daily Press

With the explosion of breweries, wineries, distilleries and cideries around the state, Virginia was missing only one thing: meaderies. The taste for mead, made from fermented honey, died out after the Middle Ages but it appears to be making a comeback as the craft revolution gains momentum.

more_meadPurcellville has the Stonehouse Meadery (opened in 2013), Richmond has the Black Heath Meadery (opened in March), and the Silver Hand Meadery in Williamsburg (opened last month). There may be others. I can’t keep up.

I, for one, have never tasted mead, but it sounds great. I can hardly wait to don my Viking helmet, sit around a long, wooden table with my chums, clank tankards, talk too loudly and pinch waitresses. (If my wife is reading this… I’m just kidding about the pinching, honey, unless you’re there, too, in which case, watch out!)


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  1. Tread lightly my friend. The extra sugar in the honey (vs the ingredients in beer) makes for a powerful punch. A regular Budweiser has 5% alcohol by volume. Mead starts at 8% and can run into the low 20s. So, 2 12oz 20% meads = 8 Buds. Goodnight Irene.

  2. Nord Mead! Shyrim Song – UVA Rugby circa 1964. Traditions Live.

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