I’d Like to Know Where They Got that Number!

From WalletHub’s list of “greenest cities” in the United States: Virginia Beach may have ranked only No. 62 for overall greenness out of 100 cities surveyed but it ranked No. 2 in the country for lowest greenhouse gas emissions per capita. Really?

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2 responses to “I’d Like to Know Where They Got that Number!

  1. Actually I am doing some calculations like that, for Virginia overall. When you consider 45% of our power is nuclear, and 30% is imported (coal but not from our own backyard) we have quite low CO2 emissions within our state boundaries. The other major sources of CO2 are industry and transportation.

    The EPA Clean Power Plan is re-defining how we look at CO2. We used to look at it regionally, now with CPP we have to look at CO2 on a state boundary line basis. On this new basis, Virginia comes up quite low CO2 for elec power.

  2. Not to mention All the hot air rising in Richmond and DC sucks our cr@p up river. It creates such a breeze that someone has proposed putting windmills down here to generate electricity. I figure that’s a bad idea because all those windmills will slow down the wind and cause our cr@p to stick around instead of being transferred to the seats of putrid politics.

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