Tough on Bad Drivers

wrecked_carThe latest from WalletHub… Virginia is the third strictest state in the country when dealing with high-risk drivers. The Old Dominion is consistently among the tougher states for Driving Under the Influence penalties and prevention, speeding enforcement and reckless driving enforcement.

For what it’s worth: Red states are slightly tougher on at-risk drivers than blue states.

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2 responses to “Tough on Bad Drivers

  1. I was right behind a guy last week who ran into the car in front of him as he slowed for stopped traffic at a traffic signal. It was clear what he was doing – he was fiddling with his cell phone and he needed one more second of time to react to the stopped car and instead had chosen that one second to look at his cellphone.

    Everyday – I see people actively – intently using their cell phones while they drive – in traffic. It’s become like an epidemic..people seem addicted and the consequences of these behaviors are little different than those who are under the more traditional “influence”.

    Something has to be done – I literally fear for my life on two-lane roads now days.. I have had to dodge folks coming across the center line. It’s unbelievable.

  2. Amen on the cell phones. Every time I seen an erratic or slow driving car, the operator is on his or her f___g cell phone. And if you look hard enough, there is someone driving and texting.

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