Is This Guy For Real??

Please go to Salon. a liberal website, and read the story about an interview given by Dave Bratt on immigration. This is so over the top for 2015 .

— Les Schreiber

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  1. A real doofus…

  2. well I was gonna say – he is an embarrassment to Virginia but then I realized that’s not true – he fits right in with the rest of the GOP in VA and then for that matter – he’s just like most other dogs in the GOP Kennel these days.

    Could be worse I suppose.. we could be Louisiana and he could be Bobby Jindal…

  3. Good for David Brat. The “sacred cow” of unlimited immigration, the fuel of unending population growth, needs to be ended. Edward Abbey rightly called “growth for the sake of growth the ideology of the cancer cell.”

  4. The wonder of it is that people actually voted for him. The biggest wonder is that he will probably be reelected repeatedly over the next 30 years.

  5. NoVaShenandoah, I reread the item and agreed with him. That is what the Romans did. Have you read Roman history?

    • I have studied Roman history. And it is true that by the time the empire fell, Rome had turned over the defense of the realm to wealthy Romans who hired their own legions. So what? That is not what anyone in the US is contemplating.

      As for Bratt and his like … how do I put it? How many natives did his family exterminate? How many of ‘them’ did they put to work? What legitimacy in other words does Bratt have in being in this land in the first place?

      Let me put it another way: I recall Ehrlich in MD ranting and raving about the freeloaders who wanted bi-lingual education, and insisted they should learn English on their own. Now I (being quadri-lingual – English is my third language) disagree with ‘bilingual education’. But I also note that Ehrlich’s grandparents were the beneficiaries of bilingual education, as it was in vogue when they came here. But Ehrlich did not extend his sentiments to them … just to those who might affect his wallet. His bias, shall we call it, negated any validity that his message may have had.

  6. What I hear you saying, buster, is “what goes around, comes around.” Sounds like you hate America. While I do not condone what was done to the American Indians or with the African slave trade, I find your feelings against our country and people despicable. Remember, too, that whites were pitilessly massacred by the natives, too. Both sides had dirty hands. But if you really don’t like living here, owing to these “original sins,” then there are plenty of other options for you. There lies the door, no one will stop you from leaving through it. No country is “pure as the driven snow.” All have sinned on these, and, “two wrongs don’t make a right.” If we sit around long enough, we can start compiling lists of the sins of others. But who has time for such self-indulgence. What is the source of your animus?

    • Hmmm … “go back where you came from” … that is indeed a favorite line of some.

      All I can say is “My country right or wrong. To be defended when right; to be set aright when wrong”

      That by the way means that I don’t have to slit my throat just because some fool tells me to.

  7. Agreed that we should speak out against injustice, no argument there. It is one thing to do so FOR one’s country’s honor, and for justice, precisely because one loves it, but another to speak against its very existence. There’s a difference. In short, every patriot must be willing to be part of a “loyal opposition,” because one loves. That is entirely honorable and praiseworthy.

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