Do you oppose Obamacare now, Senator Warner?

Let me make one thing perfectly clear.  “Let me make clear, I’m not going to support a health care reform plan that’s going to take away health care that you’ve got right now or a health plan that you like.”

What now, Marky Mark?  Sen. Warner clearly stated that he would not support a health care plan that that takes away what you’ve got right now. Obamacare clearly takes away what people have right now in millions of cases. Will Sen. Warner now oppose Obamacare or were his prior statements just so much hogwash?

– D.J. Rippert

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  1. Obama screwed up.. not once, but over and over when all he had to do is make sure the word “most” or 95%.

    WAPO had a good article on the specifics of the issue:

    This is why Obamacare is canceling some people’s insurance plans

    Basically it’s people who bought catastrophic insurance as individuals.

    since 1/2 of Americans are said to have a “pre-existing” condition – none of these people could buy individual plans anyhow – or at least ones that were real insurance … in case you did end up with an expensive condition.

    Many of these plans were bargain basement plans – they cost little but they covered little – and as soon as you got sick and used them or they got wind of a chronic condition – they’d not renew.

    It’s this group that is losing their insurance now because Obamacare requires all plants to offer minimum benefits – but more important – they cannot refuse you insurance and that pretty much destroys that business plan.

    Catastrophic insurance is available on the ObamaCare exchanges – and they cannot turn you down – but the do cost more .

    In Va… a person 50 or over would have to pay $270 a month and up but if you earned less than 46K (individual, 96K married) , you get a lower rate from credits and they apply right away so the monthly cost goes down.

    Important to remember also – if you are unemployed or have no assets, then you cannot get Insurance from the exchanges – it’s not free.

    and in Va, you won’t qualify for MedicAid either because we have not agreed to the expansion.

    Warner like all politicians is going to get tongue wrapped on this issue thanks to the Administration. You can bet that Obama did not repeat that phrase over and over while his staff had nothing to say about it. They probably had heated internal debates about it and the ‘don’t tell’ side won and it was a dumb gamble because it was preordained, inevitable.

    It’s a gaff similar to what McDonnell did.. you wonder what in the world were they thinking…

    • Well … this is an article about our senior senator, not Barack Obama. Obama has already been awarded 4 Pinnochios from the Washington Post for his repeatedly told lie that you can keep your plan. Remember two things – The Washington Post is quite liberal and 4 Pinnochios is the greatest level of dishonesty. This wasn’t a gaffe or a mis-statement or an oversight. It was an out-an-out lie repeatedly told in order to convince people to support an unpopular program.

      Now, back to Marky-Mark. He said quite clearly that he would not support a health plan that didn’t let you keep you existing coverage. Obamacare doesn’t let you keep your existing coverage. That was based on intentionally narrow rules established as part of the implementation. In other words, it was intentional.

      Let’s give Marky-Mark the benefit of the doubt. Let’s say he didn’t know this was going to happen when he made his statements. Well, now what? Shouldn’t we expect an answer from our senior senator as to what his position now is?

      • I do not dispute it was a lie. It was. and Obama and his political supporters are going to own it.

        but this is sort of a dumb thing when you think about it.

        insurance than can and will cancel you for a pre-existing condition or refuse to sell you insurance for that reason is going to be less expensive than insurance that cannot refuse you.

        when did the Post do the 4 pinocchios by the way?

        I think most of the supporters including Warner knew this – it was common sense…. and they were trying to fly under the radar but it
        blew up.

        but who would think that guaranteed insurance would be no more expensive than non-guaranteed insurance?

        that was the entire point of Obamacare – that people would not be denied insurance – and the cost increase would be mitigated by much larger insurance pools.

        A 50 year old with 30K income can get guaranteed catastrophic insurance for about $100 a month under ObamaCare.

        No matter how cheap the non-ObamaCare plan was – it’s was not guaranteed and as soon as you got sick – they’d dump you and then no other company would even sell you a plan. That’s not insurance. That’s a scam.

        Here’s the deal. How do you as a person feel about this? How do you
        feel about a system where winners and losers are created through no fault of their own just bad luck?

        Second. Do you really think people who have pre-existing conditions and cannot get insurance – don’t get health care ? They not only get it, it’s damned expensive and YOU pay for it.

        so what is your solution? to just DING Obamacare?

        that’s the GOP approach. They offer nothing. They watch millions of Americans twist in the wind and don’t care – even though we get the bill.

        their “solution” is to stop paying for healthcare for the indigent.
        how will that fly with voters?

        every OECD country in the world has decided to NOT let people twist in the wind – and they do it for 1/2 of what we spend because we delude ourselves in thinking that we don’t pay for health care for those who cannot get insurance.

        This is the dumbass school of politics and health care. This demonstrates
        that our problems in this country are not due to political leaders alone – we are part of the problem.

        we should want – the most cost-effective system we can create for people who cannot get insurance, but we are so worried about giving people something they don’t deserve that we cannot actually admit that we pay and pay dumb –

        it’s not a principled much less a practical solution to pretend that we don’t provide medical care to whoever needs it -we just wait until it gets real expensive then we pay.

  2. checking on the credit for the $270 a month…

    for a 50 year old earning 30K – the net monthly premium after credit
    would be somewhere between 100-125.

    30K a year is 2500 a month (before taxes) – so $100 a month for guaranteed insurance is probably a “doable” thing.

    and that insurance is going to be better and probably as least as cheap
    as the market insurance he had.

    ultimately whether ObamaCare “makes” it or not is going to depend on how many people choose to buy it and you can bet that anyone who “loses” their catastrophic insurance is going to go to the exchanges to see if they can get it there.

    The people who ARE going to lose are these people:

    1. – they make more than 46K (96K married).

    2. – currently has catastrophic for less than $270 month

    3. – has no health problems and continues to remain free of “conditions”

    so the people who make more and buy cheap catastrophic are going to pay more.

    that’s true.

  3. Mark Warner has been changing from a relatively independent voice to a toe-the-line liberal Democrat in the last year or so. That’s a shame because he’s a smart guy who could work with others on his and the other side of the aisle and come up with some “in the ballpark” solutions.

    I cannot imagine he fears a primary attack from the left. Maybe the looniness of the Capital has got him.

  4. Mark Warner is a Democrat. the atmosphere in Washington these days forces virtually everyone to align with their party – left and right.

    but I do not see where he has “toed” the line on anything in particular and I don’t think supporting ObamaCare is toeing the line anymore than watching all of Va’s GOP elected do anything other than opposition to everything and join with others to basically gridlock government.

    When you vote 4o times for repeal of legislation and not once offer a REPLACE, “toeing the line” becomes a bit of a subjective view.

    There are a wide variety of things that could have been presented as alternatives but the GOP cannot put together anything that they as a group support as legislation- and not only on healthcare. They have the same problem on immigration. They say they want to cut spending but they insist it’s up to the POTUS to name the cuts… not them..

    In this context, I have no idea what “independent” things Warner should be doing. I don’t think associating himself with GOP positions is smart ..because they have no real positions these days just anti-govt ideology.

    • One would expect Mark Warner to have joined some of his Democratic colleagues who have called for a significant delay in the individual mandate for ACA enrollment. He has to know it’s needed. And one would expect him to say “Gee, I didn’t expect so many people would be losing what they had for health insurance. Let’s call a timeout and look at the tapes. We’ll make appropriate adjustments.”

      He doesn’t need to say repeal. But he’s become a dependent voice.

      • No. the “delay” narrative is nothing more than a GOP strategy to litigate the ACA in the 2014 mid terms.

        the only Dems that are going to go for that are those that are vulnerable.

        No delay is needed. Many, many commercial websites have faced the same issues and overcome them and the big mistake with the govt was in not contracting with a company that had an existing record of building commerce websites.

        So Warner know this and is not in a political position where he has to yield.

        Come January – the ACA is going to be going forward and if at that time – a 3 month extension is needed then fine…. but there is no need for it now and the folks that are advocating it – are staunch opponents – not those who support it…

        the people who are “losing” their insurance are the people who were buying catastrophic insurance that covered almost nothing unless you
        had the bad luck of coming down with a catastrophic ailment but even then those companies would quickly dump you at the policy end date and never renew you and then no other company would sign you up either.

        the people who “lose” their insurance are going to be able to buy REAL catastrophic insurance on the exchanges that CANNOT deny you for pre-existing illnesses.

        All that happened here was the scammers were driven out of the market and the crocodile tears are not from those impacts – but from those already staunch opponents looking for more excuses to oppose.

        these are the very same folks who had 40+ opportunities to actually propose an alternative legislative solution and chose not to.

        there is no need for Warner to get sucked into that disingenuous and hypocritical group.

        and he knows it.

        when your basic game plan is to oppose – you lose.

        • First, I’d like you to name one commercial web site that completely failed for its first month of operation. Not a web site that ran slowly from time to time. Not a web site that experienced some outages. A web site that completely failed for an entire month.

          Second, “litigating” the ACA in the 2014 mid-terms makes no sense. What is being litigated. Do you mean that the Democratic Party architects of this abortion might have to answer to their constituencies in the 2014 mid-terms? If so, then good. That’s why we have elections. To weed out the incompetents and liars.

          Third, why shouldn’t people be able to buy catastrophic insurance and pay for non-catastrophic medical needs out-of-pocket? I wish I would have done that. The last time I spent a night in the hospital was on the day I was born. Why would you and the other statists think that catastrophic-only insurance is wrong?

          Fourth, you miss the point. A contract entered into by use of fraud is not binding. Obamacare has been a fraud. A key promise was based on a well understood lie. The contract that America bought under that fraud should be declared null and void. If any private company had done the same thing that Obama, Warner, et al did – their executives would be looking at jail time.

  5. What the POTUS said – was in a context and that context was a hail of claims from the right that the govt was going to take away your insurance and force you to go to govt doctors, to ration health care, to set up death panels, etc.

    so his response was “no, we’re not going to do that, it’s not true”, but
    then he went one step further which he should not have said without qualifying it to acknowledge that some companies may cancel plans in response to ObamaCare.

    but I ask – how many that blame Obama now – spoke out when the GOP was spreading lies earlier?

    how many called the GOP – “liars”?

  6. larryg, not defending the extremists on the republican side, but seriously, are you arguing that Obama lied because “they made him do it!” and his lies were not as bad as theirs?

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