Chug-a-Lug, New York, Here I Come

It’s spring vacation, and I’m off to the Big Apple.  Or should I say, the land of the Big Gulp. Or Big Nanny Bloomberg’s day care. Whatever you call it, it should be fun and I will blog intermittently, if I can. My goal: to buy a large cup of sugary soda before the mayor finds a work-around for the court injunction.


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7 responses to “Chug-a-Lug, New York, Here I Come

  1. yeah.. be sure to pay attention to their transit system and all those bits and pieces of “new urbanism” … etc.. and .. oh yeah… “Resillence”. Would love to hear a New York perspective on this.

    other than that – behave and have a good time… yeah..that’s for sure an oxymoron….


  2. Can’t wait for the blog or speech: “Old Urbanism, a Conservative Perspective.”

  3. wait! “How New York screwed up Urbanism”.

    ” How New York would have been more sustainable with Conservative Urbanism”.

    ” How PLAs and Unions screwed New York”

    should I go on?

  4. But can he link Bloomberg to the PLA’s?

  5. well if he can…and he can prove a link between unions and the soft drink ban… there is going to be hell to pay…for sure!

  6. Thinking about “conservatism” and “smart growth” is still messing my mind up ….

    I thought I’d be over it by now….

  7. Have a nice trip!

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