Cuccinelli visits UVa and evades the issues

Road trip!  Gubernatorial candidate, Attorney General and budding author Ken Cuccinelli visited the University of Virginia this week at the invitation of well known professor Larry Sabato.  Reports from those on the scene indicate that Mr. Cuccinelli spent most of his time dancing around the issues rather than presenting any coherent plans.

Just say maybe.  Asked about the possibility of Virginia legalizing marijuana, Cuccinell had this to say, “I’m not sure about Virginia’s future [in terms of marijuana legalization], but I and a lot of people are watching Colorado and Washington to see how it plays out.” How enlightening.  In the spirit of colleges and multiple choice tests, let’s see if we can help Mr. Cuccinelli organize his thoughts.  Mr. Cuccinelli, please select either a) or b) – “I a) support, b) oppose a ballot initiative for Virginians to decide whether marijuana should be legalized in the state.” Please note, there is no option to pick “both” or “none of the above” for this question.

In a glass house with a bag of rocks.  Having said exactly nothing in response to the question of legalizing marijuana Mr. Cuccinelli moved onto the matter of economic development.  From the Cavalier Daily article, “Cuccinelli criticized Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, the likely Democratic nominee. He said McAuliffe had failed to take a strong stance on economic policy.  ‘In my opponent’s economic proposals he’s talked more about taxes,’ Cuccinelli said. ‘When the economy is in the kind of state it is in, we want to be careful with that.’  Cuccinelli thinks McAuliffe has failed to take a strong stand on economic development? One assumes that Cuccinelli must have a strong position on this matter.  Apparently not.  A visit to the Cuccinelli for Governor web site brings us to the Issues tab.  That tab has the following categories:  The Constitution and Liberty, Healthcare, Life, Immigration, Taxes & Spending, 2nd Amendment.  It seems economic policy didn’t make the cut of major issues for Mr. Cuccinelli.  Maybe there’s something under Taxes & Spending?  “As Governor, Ken will continue to support a free market environment for starting and growing business in the Commonwealth, including using his political influence to fight tax increases.”  Free market good, taxes bad.  That’s it?  Time for a “yes” or “no” question.  Mr. Cuccinelli, if you were Governor right now would you veto the proposed legislation allowing jurisdictions in Tideater and NoVa to impose up to a 1% income tax without a voter referendum?  Again, Mr. Cuccinelli, that’s either “yes” or “no”.

Mann oh Mann.  Mr. Cuccinelli, an alumnus of the University of Virginia, visited the University of Virginia and “forgot” to mention his two year legal battle against the University of Virginia in regard to Prof. Michael Mann’s research at the University of Virginia.  Perhaps Mr. Cuccinelli should have tied a ribbon around his finger to help him remember his nationally reported legal battle with the university he was visiting. Mr. Cuccinelli, if you ever address a LGBT group you may need all of your fingers for ribbons.

Motherhood, apple pie and college tuition.  Again, from the Cavalier Daily article, “One concern I have is pricing higher education out of the reach of middle class families,” Cuccinelli said. “Making sure students can access an education … and that’s tied into financial stability.”  That’s super helpful, Ken.  Heck, people might vote for you based on that pithy and insightful comment alone.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.  Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign to date has been a train wreak.  He’s refused to honor thirty years of precedent by resigning from his position as Attorney General in order to campaign for governor.  He’s publishing a book that, among other things, takes public swimming pools to task for competing with private physical fitness enterprises (page 240).  Now, he’s bumbling across the state belching great gusts of hot air rather than saying anything concrete about his position on the issues affecting Virginians.  Cuccinelli is widely reported to be a shrewd, brilliant and cunning politician.  So far, he seems a lot more like the Great and Powerful Oz than the savior of the Republican Party.

DJ Rippert

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  1. “He’s publishing a book that, among other things, takes public swimming pools to task for competing with private physical fitness enterprises (page 240)”

    That’s it, Don, after 240 pages? I gather we’d not talking about Louise Nizer’s My Life in Court here.

    • Reed – I am just reading the snippets posted by others who received an advance copy.

      I look forward to reading the whole book when it is available to the general public next week.

      I suspect that we’ll see a knockoff of Mark Levin’s recent Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America. I’ve been trying to read that book for the last week or so. It’s slow slugging. Levin seems to have taken two or three concepts and stretched them into 288 pages. Levin’s books are better than the truly horrible books that Obama put out. However, that is faint praise indeed.

      Bacon and Galuszka are both crazy (although in different ways). However, they can both write very well. I think people like Levin and Obama (and maybe Cuccinelli, we’ll see) ought to just tell folks like Jim and Peter what they think and let Jim and Peter do the writing.

  2. Yes, I suspect a “close reading” (if such be possible) of Ken’s book will provide much insight into the man (or the absence of one). Am eagerly awaiting it.

  3. My fee is $75K to $100K. Maybe Bacon can beat that!

  4. My fee is $75K to $100K. Maybe Bacon can beat that!

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