Infographic of the Day: Hampton Roads Flooding

If you need proof that flooding is getting worse in Hampton Roads, here it is. This graph shows the number of hours that the posh Hague neighborhood in downtown Norfolk has experienced flooding over the past 80 years. Can anyone see a trend line? The graph comes from a new report, “Recurrent Flooding Study for Tidewater Virginia.

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  1. I thought the state decided they did not need to do this kind of analysis. no?

  2. I read an excellent article in a policy rag just this weekend, pointing to four causes for sea level rise in Hampton Roads. Rising temperatures that melted the ice caps was a big one. Warmer sea water expands. But they also blamed a settling of the coast line that could be traced back to the effect of the last ice age (gee, I thought global warming was only since we invented cars ??? What melted the glaciers????) and they also mentioned the depletion of underground aquifers. Yes. Sea level is rising. It has before, but we didn’t have quite the level of population 10,000 years ago or whenever….so this is why I don’t own a beachfront house (rationalization is a good thing.)

  3. no problem with owning beach property Breckinridge… even Commercial beach property – the govt has got you covered.


    funny how all this talk about entitlements never much circles around to stuff like subsidized flood insurance, ethanol subsidies or crop supports, eh?

    but Gawd Forbid that Va actually study the impacts of increasing ocean levels… that would make too much sense.

    besides they don’t have time for that kind of foolishness when they have to be re-districting the Senate to be more “GOP’.

    • The redistricting scam played out in the Virginia Senate yesterday was a disgrace and yet another reason why we must dilute the dictatorial powers of the Imperial Clown Show in Richmond. They have now moved past even the pretense of democracy.

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