Did You Know Elmo Went to Collegiate?

Would you buy a used Collateralized Debt Obligation from this man?

As I stumbled downstairs this morning, still confused by last night’s plot twists on Downton Abbey, I anticipated that the New York Times would be covering the results of the latest elections in Israel or Mayor Bloomberg’s monster gift to Johns Hopkins University. To my surprise, right in the middle of the front page , by Eric Weisman, was an article about Richmond’s own Eric Cantor.

Weisman explained the bind that confronts America’s most famous Cougar that isn’t a quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.  Eric must not be seen as too close to Speaker John Boehner to avoid the change in leadership when it comes, but close enough to be seen as a loyal member of the Republican caucus.  In an effort to thread this needle,  the Tea Party favorite will present his plans for the economy on February 5th before a friendly assembly at the American Enterprise Institute. We all await this sure to be tour-de-force of macro-economic thinking from this “leader” in the making of policy.  I wonder if he will present a new rationale,  for taxpayer subsidies of hedge funds after conversing with the likes of Christine Legarde of the International Monetary fund on his recent trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

To many, Eric’s behavior is more slippery than a good quarterback.  Over the recent New Year’s weekend, Eric voted against John Boehner’s plan to avoid the fiscal cliff, but he supported, in opposition to the Tea Party, the $50 billion to provide aid to the Northeastern counties destroyed by Hurrican Sandy.  To explain this contradiction, the NYT did what the Richmond media never seem to do when it comes the pride and joy of local politics.  It investigated.

The Times found that Eric was heavily influenced in his vote for Sandy relief by a very dynamic duo: LLoyd Blankfein , Chairman of Goldman Sachs, and Ken Langone, co-founder of Home Depot.  Both men are significant contributors to two Political Action Committees run by Eric. It doesn’t matter what this puppet says on February 5th or any other day.  We know who pulls his strings.

– Les Schreiber

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  1. By way of background for non-Richmonders: Eric Cantor attended Collegiate School, a college preparatory school, whose school mascot is the cougar.

    As for the influence of Lloyd Blankfein and Ken Langone, are you suggesting that politicians are the puppets of whomever donates to them? Like Al Gore, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton? Click here for details.

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