Cuccinelli Shows Leadership on Renewable Energy

By D.J. Rippert

Greeninelli? Last July I wrote a column on this blog entitled, “The Dirty Deal on Dominion’s Clean Energy Credits.”  In that post I documented the slippery deal between Virginia’s General Assembly and Dominion Resources regarding renewable energy goals. In a clear example of crony capitalism the General Assembly passed a law allowing Dominion to get a “rate bonus” for the implementation of renewable energy sources without actually having to create any renewable energy sources.  Dominion, as usual, thanked its puppets in the General Assembly with a continuing river of campaign contributions.  However, there’s trouble in River City.  Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli just threw a fly into the ointment of the political graft that lubricates much of Richmond’s business community.  He called “foul” on Dominion and the General Assembly.

Odd bedfellows indeed.  Ken Cuccinelli finds himself in a strange alliance with the Chesapeake Climate Action Network.  Cuccinelli’s office issued a report calling into the question the dubious renewable energy laws passed by the General assembly.  The Washington Post article sums up Cuccinelli’s position nicely: “Cuccinelli said the incentives given to Dominion Virginia Power and Appalachian Power have not served their purpose and called on the General Assembly to eliminate the bonuses. He painted the law as short-changing consumers and the environment.” On Monday the Chesapeake Climate Action Network issued a report supporting Cuccinelli’s position on this matter.

Through a Nearby Mirror.  In 2009, Bob McDonnell famously transformed himself from conservative firebrand to reasonable moderate.  That transformation landed him in the governor’s house.  Now, Michael Mann’s nemesis Ken Cuccinelli is in cahoots with a group that has as its exclusive mission, “  … fighting global warming in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.”  Can the RPV reprise the Professor Higgins role it played so masterfully in 2009?  With a little bit of luck.

Rippert’s Read-out.  This is a very deft political move by Ken Cuccinelli.  Cooch’s priority is to avoid an Obama-scale turnout at the polls next November. He must convince apathetic Democratic voters that his tenure as Attorney General was that of an honest bureaucrat and not a flame throwing conservative activist.  He must convince them that staying home rather than voting their lukewarm preference for Terry McAuliffe is OK.  Don’t agree with with his actions on the Michael Mann issue?  Just look at his actions against Dominion’s renewable energy hoax.  Meanwhile, he tells conservatives that he is protecting their wallets from what is essentially a government agency in Dominion.  Cuccinelli certainly can’t become a liberal.  It’s debatable whether he can be seen as a right-leaning moderate.  However, he can be less of a pariah to those in the Obama coalition and this is a good first step in that direction.  Remember, his goal is not to convert Democrats to his side.  His goal is to make them comfortable in staying home next November.

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  1. DJR,
    Great post.

  2. I concur. GOOD POST! Do MORE like THIS! ;-)

    as far as the Cooch is concerned, I do not care how he “displays”. I want to know his core convictions and I want to see some specifics on policies that are separate and independent from his right leaning socialism.

    I can put up with his person right leaning views if he can get himself to a middle ground policy approach but I’m not going to be tolerant if he plays the game that Romney did.

    I need to know who he really is and has he grown up enough to divest himself of his petty right wing social ignorance.

    To be honest, I’d hate to have to choose between him and McAliff but if I must… I ain’t picking no right wing ideolog – no way.

  3. Plausible analysis. The only thing I’d add is that, as a populist conservative of the Tea Party stripe, Cuccinelli is no fan of big business, especially when big business takes the form of crony capitalism. Cuccinelli’s move against Dominion isn’t just good politics — it comes from the heart.

    • It comes from the heart especially during election season! Last year, Cuccinelli was happy to consider dumping the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission in favor of a single Texas company with a facility in Virginia – Omega Protein. Needless to say, Omega has made political contributions to Ken Cuccinelli.

      “I share Sen. Stuart’s concerns about Virginia’s interests being harmed by special interests in other states making changes to the compact, especially the potential to harm Virginia jobs,” the attorney general said in a statement.”.

      Cuccinelli fears for the 300 jobs at Omega Protein but not for the 3,500 jobs in Maryland and Virginia threatened by menhaden depletion.

      You see, these thousands of jobs are held by many small businessmen and sole proprietorships. They don’t have the political clout or campaign donation war chest of Omega Protein. So, they don’t count.

      Four days ago the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission imposed a 20% reduction in the menhaden harvest. This will reduce Omega’s catch in the Virginia portion of the Chesapeake Bay. It will be interesting to see what your “populist conservative of the Tea Party stripe” has to say about this.

  4. just when I think the GOP might be getting some common sense:

    McDonnell: It’s time to discuss arming school officials

    so we’re going to equip all those “bad” teachers with guns?

    I have to say… that the McDonnell is not only tone deaf… he’s an idiot.

    I’m now waiting for Cooch to step up and support McDonnell.

    jesusHkeerist… what in the name of heaven is wrong with these folks?

    • The answer to school violence is providing for shoot-outs between loonies and teachers in the classroom? Wow.

      In the aftermath of Newtown:

      Mark Warner switched his position on assault weapons and now proposes a ban.

      Terry McAuliffe supports an assault weapon ban and wants to re-institute Virginia’s one handgun per month restriction.

      Ken Cuccinelli’s office put out a statement saying that he wants to provide more help to those with mental health problems.

  5. I heard a presentation by a speaker from the Solar Alliance. In Virginia, a house with a solar array installed facing south (the best direction) and accepting all tax rebates and credits will generate benefits of $6 K and change over 40 years. Facing east or west generates benefits of less than $1000 over 40 years.
    Re banning guns. A restriction must be of long-standing existence, regularly accepted by the population to be permitted under the Second Amendment. A ban on semi-automatic assault weapons may or may not be constitutional. This is true even if your name is Mark Warner. The feds would be much better off taxing the manufacture and transfer of clips with more than 10 rounds or wherever they want to draw the line. Remember they got Capone on tax evasion.
    Interestingly, Governor Hickenlooper from Colorado opined he didn’t think tougher gun control would have prevented the mass shootings in Aurora.

  6. there have always been crazy people who will murder others. it just is a slowly, easier to disrupt process when they have to use knives, machetes or six shot weapons.

    We have tight restrictions on automatic weapons. How many mass murders have been committed using automatic weapons?

    Would you agree that the restrictions on automatic weapons has been successful in keeping those weapons out of the hands of murderous crazies?

    If you do, why can’t the same restrictions be put on high capacity magazines ? are not going to prevent every conceivable mass murder by crazies – but you are going to have less successful mass murders with far less victims, far less frequently and why is that not an appropriate goal worth pursuing?

    Is it “unconstitutional” to own military grade “arms” like stinger missiles and other super-deadly weapons ?

    I’m not understanding the how and why we can restrict/ban some weapons without violating the 2nd amendment and not others.

    where is the dividing line ?

    and at a time when we need leadership – we get people like McDonnell and Perry who are doing what? Pandering… that’s what. so much for their leadership skills.

    Let’s now hear from the Cooch…

  7. Here’s a guy reloading a 15 round clip in just under 4 seconds (by my count).

    He’s at a range and working carefully.

    I wonder how much difference smaller clips will make?

  8. 4 seconds is enough for someone to rush him or for people to run for their lives.

    what stopped the guy in Aurora was he was putting in a new clip and it jammed and he got taken down.

    why not make high capacity clips have the same restrictions as automatic weapons or stinger missiles or other high-kill weaponry?

    the 2nd amendment has become both quaint and deadly at the same time.

    the idea of arming the citizenry was to give them some level of arms parity with the military so they could effectively rebut a tyrannical govt.

    but the existing restrictions on civilian weaponry- assure that any kind of citizen opposition to an out of control govt would not be accomplished with equivalent weaponry but more likely the way that insurgents overseas fight govts – smuggled arms and IEDs, etc.

    But we’ve satisfied our paranoia with enough weaponry so that crazies can quite easily get their hands on super deadly weaponry and kill 20 innocent kids – one of them shot more than 6 times.

    this is the “price” of freedom? what kind of “freedom” did those kids have?

    If we as a people and a nation cannot make rational choices about something like this – I really do fear we are adrift and things like fiscal armageddon are the least of our worries.

    we are being challenged as a civilized people. are we up to the task?

    • If the shooter were 120 feet away from his or her intended victims Robert Griffin III couldn’t reach him in 4 seconds. And that’s from a standing start in a runner’s crouch.

      How about clip mechanisms that are intentionally slow to re-seat the first bullet? A slight inconvenience to gun owners and a considerable impediment to anybody trying to unleash dozens of shots in a short period of time. Some will say that a gun is safer without a bullet in the chamber and a delay in seating the first bullet would drastically reduce the self-defense value of the weapon. However, heat sensors in clips could delay the seating of the first round of a second clip.

      Anyway, I think the sense in the country is that gun owners are going to have to decide if they want clips then they’ll have to agree to some sensible safety precautions.

      In regard to Newtown – it now turns out that the mother of the shooter was trying to get him involuntarily committed to a mental hospital and this is what set him off. So, Mom knew that the boy needed to be institutionalized but couldn’t be bothered to put $10 trigger locks on her weapons? Meanwhile, in a state that registers guns, the authorities knew that Mom thought Sonny was crazy enough to lock up but never visited the house to check on the status of the weapons?

  9. re: 120 feet.. no .. more like 10-20 feet….

    re: high capacity clips – have no known legitimate use other than taking out humans.

    re: involuntarily committed .. and he got guns with high capacity clips. So anytime someone starts telling a kid that he needs to go to a psychiatric who’s going to look him over for possible “problems” – he will do what? get guns and go off the deep end?

    there have ALWAYS been crazy people and there will always be crazy people. What’s changed is that we have this concept of “liberty” that is so sacred that we cannot restrict high capacity clips from crazy people because …

    how many crazy people can get their hands on an automatic weapon?

    if we can restrict that – effectively – then what in the world is keeping us from extending that same law to include high capacity clips?

    It’s like we all have taken stupid pills and want more.

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