Chart of the Day: Diversity in America

America’s most diverse counties. Source: Atlantic Cities blog.

San Jose, according to the calculations of Jed Kolko, is the most racially diverse metropolitan region in the country: 35% white, 31% Asian, 28% Hispanic, 3% multi-racial and 2% black. New York ranks second. The map above displays diversity for counties across the United States, with greater “diversity” characterized by smaller percentages for the largest ethnic group.

By this definition, the West and the South are the most diverse regions in the country, due to the presence of large minorities of Hispanics in the West and African-Americans in the South. The least diverse part of the country is New England, which, coincidentally, is one of the most liberal. Draw your own conclusions as to what that means.


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  1. I do not think this map really conveys much in the way of the diversity of the electorate.

    For instance, if you try to make sense of this map after plugging in the major battleground states – as well as the solid GOP states, it engenders more questions than answers – if you also accept the explanation that demographics tilted the battleground states to Obama.

    There are very diverse non-battleground states that went solid for Romney.

    so to reconcile?

  2. This otherwise interesting post really veers off when he author tries to equate “liberal” states with being less diverse.

    Where’s the connection? Many African-Americans live in the South because that’s where many lived as slaves. As far as the Southwest having many Latinos, so what? The geography was pat of the Spanish Empire for centuries before being acquired by the white-led U.S. The point?

    If one tries to take the logic further — you can’t. The vast majority of African-Americans and Latinos voted for Obama on Nov. 6. Do I make my point?

  3. I have yet to understand why diversity is such a ‘good thing’. I mean I don’t really look at it as a bad thing, but I also don’t see the ‘big’ positive side to it. When we were looking for a place to live, I tried (and tried and tried) to find an area where the people were like me. White and Christian, as it turns out I’m living in one of the more diverse areas of Houston (our area rated REAL high on the diversity scale). It doesn’t bother me, I’m not particularly upset by having ‘diverse’ neighbors, but I would have liked more white faces (on my street, a cul de sack) probably 40% of us are white, 30% black and 30% hispanic, big deal, who cares. I know all my neighbors but I pretty much most socialize with the white ones. There are just a lot of things the black neighbors seem to like/covet that either confuse me or leaves me cold. The hispanics seem to be closer to things I understand. Just don’t understand why ‘diversity’ is such a goal. Just don’t understand it.

  4. My value system says to judge people, and to pick my friends, as individuals — not whether they are part of a particular racial, ethnic or religious group. My overriding criteria is simple — can someone carry on an intelligent, well-informed conversation? If they can, I gravitate to them. If they can’t, I have no interest. Wealth, social status, race, religion, ethnicity — those things are utterly irrelevant in my mind.

  5. “diversity” is a BIG DEAL if you’re trying to get elected, though.

    when one party ends up totally spooking Blacks and Hispanics with talk of “takers”, “illegals”, “parasites”, welfare queens, etc.. “diversity” gets to be more than who you know, meet, socialize with, etc….as a neighbor.

    You “neighbors” are not voting for who you vote for – AND they’re going to win if your candidate can’t connect with minorities.

    I know more than a half-dozen folks who are different races in a marriage and those folks can tell tales about how their ‘mix” is received by quite a few people.

    But I digress. If you want to be an elected official and govern – and you are white and the electorate is 1/2 white – you better have a plan B if all you’re going to have a real connection with is white and at the same time you’re going to be mouthing dog whistle – isms…

    well.. you might plan on doing what George Allen is doing now – not representing Va in the Senate.

    I understand that Texas is on the verge of demographic shifting also but maybe a few more years down the road.

  6. Here is the “big deal” on diversity:

    “In a conference call with campaign donors on Wednesday, Romney blamed his loss in part on “gifts” that a “very generous” President Obama had given to African Americans, Hispanics and young people. It was similar in sentiment to his earlier suggestion — also to a group of wealthy contributors — that 47 percent of the American public consists of government-dependent deadbeats who view themselves as victims.

    Asked about Romney’s latest comments, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal bristled and told reporters at a Republican Governors Association meeting here: “I absolutely reject that notion, that description.”

    “We need to stop being a dumb party, and that means more than stop making dumb comments,”

    Mr. Jindal – “gets” ….. “diversity”.

    the most amazing thing to me was that when Romney got caught with the 47% comment – he backed up… he disowned the sentiment.

    Now..after the election, he goes right back to it. WTF?

    Jim Bacon said: ” My overriding criteria is simple — can someone carry on an intelligent, well-informed conversation? If they can, I gravitate to them.”

    Put that in context of Mitt Romney’s comments. Did he sound like he respected people that were Black and Hispanic.. “intelligent” people?

    so when you look at a map that shows “diversity” – you might well be looking at a map of the future when it comes to elections.

    The GOP needs to grow up and recognize that much of the country is “purple” and “intelligence” has nothing to do with race or “gifts” from Obama.

    Romney’s remarks – especially after losing the election is outrageously offensive.

    And at least some folks in the GOP do recognize the problem.

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